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Diamond Nights

Won some tickets to a Diamond Nights show in Sydney - to be fair I only wanted to see The Girls Attractive, but it was really fun.  He sang a few songs while in the crowd and one while on the floor, demanding that everone join him there.  Oh, and that they should all be taking as many drugs as he is.  His hair was FANTASTIC.

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So this past Wednesday I went to see the Stills play @ The Underground in Hamilton (Ontario, Canada). 

I can honestly say now that not only are they my favourite band because of their music & how awesome they are live but because they are super fun guys to hang out with too. 

Without Feathers? Awesome. Nothing like Logic at all but still totally amazing. Talked to Liam a lot about the progression of their songs etc. and about other random stuff. I enjoyed the fact that he explained why they play the songs that they do live. 

Anywho.. That's all I suppose! :)

Xiu Xiu / Mountain Goats

I saw me some Mountain Goats and then  Xiu Xiu on consecutive nights and now my hearing is entirely shot to hell.  All day: eeeeEEEEEEEEEeeeEEEE.  Anyway, they were both really great and very intense shows and I recommend catching them if you have the chance.  The girl from Xiu Xiu signed my poster "Crunchy is important".

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I saw Deerhoof at a teensy tiny venue in Sydney lsat night. They were truly excellent. They broke two speakers and smacked a fair sized chunk of cymbal off. The rock, the rock, oh, the rock. They are also really cool to talk to and came out and mingled without that kinda stop-talking-to-me-I-rock-more-than-you thing. Who else has seen Deerhoof live and can back me up with remembrance of their awesomeness?

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hello, i'm new here!

I just wanted to say that i recently saw the Decemberists, and they were probably the best live act that i have ever seen. The music was awesome, naturally, but the props were also amazing: they used this huge cardboard whale for The Mariner's Revenge. Also, the crowd was intensely devoted. There was this couple near me in their 50s who drove all the way up from NYC (the show was in Boston) just to see them. Pretty cool. and colin meloy is a god.