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Chris Walla Solo Album

It appears that Chris Walla is going to be releasing a solo album.

taken from his website www.hallofjusticerecording.com

- Barsuk has agreed to release my as-yet-unrecorded album in March of 2007. I may end up with a band name after all. Please send ideas along if you have them; I'm undecided about the whole thing.

If you go to the 'downloads' section you can download the new song.

I actually really enjoy his solo stuff. It makes me wish he sang more on Death Cab.
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Get Lonely

As of late I've been on a bit of a Mountian Goats kick, so I was currious as to what everyone thought of their newest album.

I got the leak yesterday and have been really enjoying it.

Has anyone else heard it?
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Sonic Youth

The new Sonic Youth album, Rather Ripped is out June 13ed. Who else is excited? For some reason this band never ceases to amaze me, and still continue to put out awesome stuff so late in their career.

I got to see them preform a few years ago with their Sonic Nurse tour, seriously they blew me away live.

Anyways, here are three tracks off their newest album.


Do You Believe In Rapture- Sonic Youth
Lights Out- Sonic Youth
What A Waste- Sonic Youth
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Saves The Day

Okay, I know their not very Indie, but I was currious to see what everyone thought of the new Saves The Day album. I'm not sure if it is out yet or not even, because my friend sent it to me, but I'm actually really likeing this album. It's gone back to their original sound. Personally I didn't enjoy In Revier. I think it is their weakest album by far, mind you my 'introductory album' to them was Stay What You Are, but I much prefer this sound to their pop-ish sound.

So, what does everyone else think?
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Show Your Bones

What do people who have heard the leak think of the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs record?

Personally I think that it is a great record. They've grown alot with it as a band I think, and while I love Fever To Tell, I find that this record is alot diffrent from it and has it's own unique sound.

What do others think?

Also, what day does it come out, is it on the 28th of this month?
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so apparently this is the new weezer album.  It's purdy. 

I kinda hate their new single.  I like their older stuff.  Oui ou non?  (in english yes or no).  I also used to believe when I was a kiddie (like 14 or 15) that I was going to marry Rivers because he is just so damn cute.  I also believed when I was like 5 that I was going to grow up to be Jenny Lewis....humm.

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Hey everyone!  I'm making a cd for my friends.  Yes, I will no longer be Kate and the lovers (re: patrick and julian my two bestest boys) they are leaving me for 4 months to live in a diffrent city (booo they suck). So I am making them a goodbye cd.  Wanted to know what ppls thought of the tracks on it before I did it.  Each of the songs sort of have some sort of meaning behind them.  Tell me what ya think!


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