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The Rentals with Copeland and Golden Boy

The Rentals are out on tour now with Copeland and Golden Boy! The Rentals was founded by original Weezer bassist, Matt Sharp, and now they're back with a new EP, this is a show not to miss. There's more info on dates on the band's myspace. The tour has an NYC date at Nokia Theatre in Times Square! this is a show not miss.


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Chris Walla Solo Album

It appears that Chris Walla is going to be releasing a solo album.

taken from his website www.hallofjusticerecording.com

- Barsuk has agreed to release my as-yet-unrecorded album in March of 2007. I may end up with a band name after all. Please send ideas along if you have them; I'm undecided about the whole thing.

If you go to the 'downloads' section you can download the new song.

I actually really enjoy his solo stuff. It makes me wish he sang more on Death Cab.
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Broken Social Scene Hiatus

Article Here

I know they've done it before because a lot of their members have various side projects, but still it's very sad when such a great band dosen't tour.

There was three years in between their previous album and their newest but still, they are such a great band.

This summer is turning into the summer of great bands breaking up or going to hiatus.
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Get Lonely

As of late I've been on a bit of a Mountian Goats kick, so I was currious as to what everyone thought of their newest album.

I got the leak yesterday and have been really enjoying it.

Has anyone else heard it?