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Diamond Nights

Won some tickets to a Diamond Nights show in Sydney - to be fair I only wanted to see The Girls Attractive, but it was really fun.  He sang a few songs while in the crowd and one while on the floor, demanding that everone join him there.  Oh, and that they should all be taking as many drugs as he is.  His hair was FANTASTIC.

Rebel Rebel

There was an opening of a new music venue in Sydney lasy night and I was there to see Shout Out Louds.  They were totally awesome, but I also saw The Liars and they were just really, really awful.  I'd been hearing good things about it but the whole set sounded like the Trogdor song, but serious.  Here's a cool photo I took of Shout Out Louds, excuse the resolution because it was on my phone.

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Sonic Youth

The new Sonic Youth album, Rather Ripped is out June 13ed. Who else is excited? For some reason this band never ceases to amaze me, and still continue to put out awesome stuff so late in their career.

I got to see them preform a few years ago with their Sonic Nurse tour, seriously they blew me away live.

Anyways, here are three tracks off their newest album.


Do You Believe In Rapture- Sonic Youth
Lights Out- Sonic Youth
What A Waste- Sonic Youth
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Final Fantasy

I dunno how many people here are into final fantasy, but here is 1 of his albums Has A Good Home.

If you've never heard of him he has nothing to do with the game. In short he is bascially a guy from Toronto who plays a fiddle, pinao, and a few other things. If you like Wilco you'll prolly be into this.

None of You Will Ever See A Penny- Final Fantasy
In This Dream of Win and Regine- Final Fantasy
Your Light Is Spent- Final Fantasy
Furnature- Final Fantasy
The CN Tower Belongs To The Dead- Final Fantasy
The Chronicals of Sarnia- Final Fantasy
Adventure exe- Final Fantasy
Library- Final Fantasy
Thats When The Audience Died- Final Fantasy
An Arrow In The Side of Final Fantasy
Please Please Please- Final Fantasy
Better Than Worse- Final Fantasy

Xiu Xiu / Mountain Goats

I saw me some Mountain Goats and then  Xiu Xiu on consecutive nights and now my hearing is entirely shot to hell.  All day: eeeeEEEEEEEEEeeeEEEE.  Anyway, they were both really great and very intense shows and I recommend catching them if you have the chance.  The girl from Xiu Xiu signed my poster "Crunchy is important".
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Sunset Rubdown

I don't know if anyone here is into Wolf Parade, but apparently one of the singers from the band has another side project called Sunset Rubdown.

They/he aren't bad really. If your into Wolf Parade, Islands (formerally 2 of the guys from The Unicorns), Adam Green, etc.. you'd prolly like this stuff. Anyways here are the songs off the album. Enjoy!

I'm Sorry I Sang On Your Hands There- Sunset Rubdown
Q-Chord- Sunset Rubdown
Shut Up I'm Dreaming of Places- Sunset Rubdown
Snakes Got A Leg III- Sunset Rubdown
Stadiums and Shirnes- Sunset Rubdown
Swimming-Sunset Rubdown
The Empty Threats of Little Lord- Sunset Rubdown
The Men are Called Horsemen There- Sunset Rubdown
They Took A Vote and Said No- Sunset Rubdown
Us Ones In Between- Sunset Rubdown
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Saves The Day

Okay, I know their not very Indie, but I was currious to see what everyone thought of the new Saves The Day album. I'm not sure if it is out yet or not even, because my friend sent it to me, but I'm actually really likeing this album. It's gone back to their original sound. Personally I didn't enjoy In Revier. I think it is their weakest album by far, mind you my 'introductory album' to them was Stay What You Are, but I much prefer this sound to their pop-ish sound.

So, what does everyone else think?
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Show Your Bones

What do people who have heard the leak think of the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs record?

Personally I think that it is a great record. They've grown alot with it as a band I think, and while I love Fever To Tell, I find that this record is alot diffrent from it and has it's own unique sound.

What do others think?

Also, what day does it come out, is it on the 28th of this month?