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Hey everyone!  I'm making a cd for my friends.  Yes, I will no longer be Kate and the lovers (re: patrick and julian my two bestest boys) they are leaving me for 4 months to live in a diffrent city (booo they suck). So I am making them a goodbye cd.  Wanted to know what ppls thought of the tracks on it before I did it.  Each of the songs sort of have some sort of meaning behind them.  Tell me what ya think!


  1. Pictures Of Success- Rilo Kiley (cause they both are going to be successful in montreal)
  2. The Employment Pages- Death Cab For Cutie (they both first need jobs in order to become successful)
  3. Teenage Riot- Sonic Youth (it's montreal...enough said)
  4. August- Rilo Kiley (there returning in August)
  5. Photobooth- Death Cab For Cutie (We always take photobooth pics together)
  6. Steadier Footing- Death Cab For Cutie (just listen to the lyrics)
  7. Do Miss America- Ryan Adams (Patrick nicknamed me miss america in high school)
  8. Cat Heaven- Jets To Brazil (just cause it's bout moving and stuff like that)
  9. Paint's Peelin'- Rilo Kiley (the apartment needs to be painted)
  10. Freak Scene- Dinosaur Jr (just for the line "sometimes I don't thrill you, sometimes I think I'll kill you, but don't let me fuck up will you cause when I need a friend it's still you")
  11. So Long- Rilo Kiley (the title says it all)
  12. Dinner At Eight In The Suburbs- All Time Quarterback (we always have dinner at 8 together)
  13. Falling- Ben Kweller (I always tell them I'm falling)
  14. Rock'N'Roll- Ryan Adams (just at the end of the song it goes I miss my best friend)
  15. Always- Rilo Kiley (Cause I'll always love them)
  16. Get Me Away From Here I'm Dying- Belle and Sebastian (cause Pat always says that he has to get away from here cause he's dying)
  17. Nothing Better- Postal Service (it's bout moving on and stuff)
  18. You're The One I Want- Jets To Brazil (I just like the song)
  19. Divided- Tegan And Sarah (again bout moving and what-not)
  20. 405- Death Cab For Cutie (cause it's bout the highway and that)


Tags: cds, mixes

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