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Name: Tony
Location: Arizona
Age: 20
Fav Bands: At The Drive-In, The Mars Volta, Circa Survive, Brand New, Explosions in The Sky, Stutterfly, Bloc Party
Fav Movies: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Pulp Fiction, Casa Blanca, Night of the Living Dead
Fave Books: The Sun Also Rises, A Razor's Edge, Where the Buffalo Roam, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, From Walden
Fav new band at the moment: Murder City Devils

um, hi there

Name:Shannan Alice Kate Nin jorge Walsh
Location:REPUBLIC of Ireland
Fav Bands:Radiohead, Belle and sebastian, Blondie, Pixies, The Cribs, Kate nash, Joy Division THe moldy peaches, SONIC YOUTH, does it offend you yeah?.....
Fav Movies:Juno, karate kids, STAR WARS, The breakfast club, back to the future...
Fave Books:Anything Garth nix, jane austen and any of sigfried sassoons poems=]
Fav new band at the moment:um, dunno, theres a few, suppose florence and the machine or esser
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    best of joy divsion
Stripy Stockings

Newww. [oh well]

Name: Kayla
Location: Ontario, Canada
Age: 19
Fav Bands: The Birthday Massacre, Cobra Starship, Jakalope, Kill Hannah
Fav Movies: The Exorcist, Sleepy Hollow, The Neverending Story
Fave Books: Currently reading Marie Antoinette.
Fav band at the moment: Lifehouse
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    Lifehouse - Walking Away

The Rentals with Copeland and Golden Boy

The Rentals are out on tour now with Copeland and Golden Boy! The Rentals was founded by original Weezer bassist, Matt Sharp, and now they're back with a new EP, this is a show not to miss. There's more info on dates on the band's myspace. The tour has an NYC date at Nokia Theatre in Times Square! this is a show not miss.




hello my name is hugo, i'm 28 and i'm here looking for serious people who might be interested in 'trading' mixcds, if that's you, awesome!
just send me an email to mad_soy_disease@yahoo.com or message me on my myspace at www.myspace.com/madsoydisease and we'll take it from there...

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Coachella 2007

The lineup has been announced.

I honestly am not that intrested in any of the three headliners but some of the other bands are pretty good. I have to say not their best year though.

If I go it will be for Arcade Fire, Interpol, Decemberists, and New Pornographers

Also can someone explain to me how the hell Peeping Tom got on this list. I heard them open for The Who and they are quite possibly one of the worst bands I have ever heard.

April 27th Bjork
April 28th Red Hot Chilli Peppers
April 29th Rage Against The Machine

Arcade Fire
Manu Chao
Willie Nelson
Happy Mondays
Gotan Project
The Good, The Bad and The Queen
Paul Van Dyk
Arctic Monkeys
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Mamas and Papas' Doherty dies

It's no so much indie, but music news none the less.

I thought some people would be intrested.

taken from Canoe- Jam! Music news

Mamas and Papas' Doherty dies


TORONTO (CP) - Halifax-born Denny Doherty was remembered Friday as the "angelic voice" that carried the '60s folk-pop group the Mamas and the Papas through such memorable hits as "California Dreamin' " and "Monday, Monday."

Doherty died early Friday at his home in suburban Mississauga after suffering an aneurysm in his abdomen, said his sister Frances Arnold. He was 66.

"Everybody used to think that John Phillips, who wrote the songs, was also the main voice of the group, but it wasn't - it was the angelic voice of Denny Doherty," said Larry Leblanc, Canadian editor of Billboard Magazine.

"He was often overlooked but it was really his voice that carried the group; also Cass (Elliot) was a formidable singer."

The group's hits also included "Dream a Little Dream of Me" and "Dedicated to the One I Love." Doherty co-wrote the songs "I Saw Her Again Last Night" and "Got a Feelin'. "
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