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i l i k e s t a r s .

welcome to ___ilikestars, a community devoted to stars, hearts, and other favourite shapes and patterns.

do you dot your i's with hearts? always doodle stars or clouds all over your notebooks? can't stop yourself from buying things with cherries printed on them? then join the community and share with us!

this is a relatively open community. you're welcome to post about your favourite shapes or patterns in any shape or form... icons, wallpapers, cute .gifs, jewelry or clothes, etc.

r u l e s . .

1. any kind of shape! before this was different but i now realize that's quite stupid. :3

2. keep the bitchiness on the down-low please. if you think the community is dumb, shove off. :)

3. try to keep the community active... post things you want, jewelry you like, clothes with your favourite patterns on it, etc! just try to post once in a while.

4. please do not promote your communities here. there are hundreds of other places to do that. :)

5. any pictures that are bigger than about 300x300 should be behind a cut. super-long entries and multiple pictures should also be behind an lj-cut.

6. have fun and be nice!

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