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Well I've been in my new house for a couple of weeks now. I'm really liking it. I've managed to keep it nice, but I haven't been there long enought to really make a mess. I've got a lot of my new furniture put together. The other day I got the coffee table put together. The style is Nuevo Target. But at least the furniture goes together. I can't afford the fancy smancy Antique furniture. Not yet at least. But it's comfortable. And it's really close to the Real World. I don't have to leave super early for work. Before I moved, it would easily take me almost an hour to get to work with traffic. Which was a pain in the neck. And most of it is on one 3 mile strech. But that section of the 101 Freeway is ALWAYS bad. Well, except at 1am when I'm driving home tonight.

The defense in the Michael Jackson case is wrapped up. That freek probably did molest those kids. But I'm sure that the jury is so enthralled about, oohhhh, the Famous Person that they're going to let him go. Just like they did with O.J. But I know that at some time, he's going to get what's coming to him. I don't think that Mikey would survive jail anyhow. The cons would rip that pretty boy apart. But even if he did go to jail, he'd get special treatment.

My boss is going nuts. He went and bought a bunch of baseball cards and he knows NOTHING about baseball or collecting cards. I think that he's just looking for a quick buck. He called up tonight and asked me to look up prices of baseball cards on the Internet. I couldn't find much for free but a friend of one of my co-workers and his dad used to run a baseball card shop.

On Saturday my friend and I ar going to go and see "Enter the Dragon". For all you you youngins that's a Bruce Lee flick from the 70's. You know, bell bottoms, big hair, disco. :-) But this is the movie that made Bruce Lee a big star here in the States. It's a classic flick. It's going to be a midnight showing at the Rialto in South Pasadena. The theater is a cool old theater that only has one screen, before the multimegaplex movie theaters. It's one of those theaters that actually has some class. It's got an Egyptian and Spanish Baroque design. It was built back in 1925. Very cool theater.
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