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You Believe That You're Powerful

You may not be the most courageous person, but you are able to get what you want from others.

Whether you're manipulating, persuading, or inspiring, people just seem to want to follow you anywhere.

You respect people who have more power than you. You know it's not easy to move up in the world.

You have no respect for anyone who accepts his low position in life. There's no excuse for weakness.

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Word Of The Week:Catharsus

catharsis noun
/kəˈθɑː.sɪs//-ˈθɑːr-/ n [C or U] (plural catharses)
the process of releasing strong emotions through a particular activity or experience, such as writing or theatre, which helps you to understand those emotions
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Spread The Love!

Worry looks around,
Sorry looks back, and Faith looks up.

This angel is sent to you.


In 8 minutes you will receive something you have long awaited.

ave faith.

Spread the love far and wide!
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Pasta Nite!

the pasta came out perfect!

we had barilla farfalle with barilla mushroom & garlic boscaiola(red sauce),
zucchini,sauteed older button mushrooms,and turkey kielbasa.

after dinner we are having pellegrino(an italian sparkling mineral water) mixed
with V-8 over ice in karen's grandmother's etched stemware.

and i put a mrs. smith's blueberry pie in the oven.

the pie just came out of the oven.

it needs to cool for half an hour.

i've had pellegrino and V8 Lemon Splash before but never together before!

It was another Valentine's Day dinner!
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