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{ Icon Journal 180 }

Your fandom icon source!

Icon Journal
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{ Icon Journal of buffy_harris }


If you wish to browse old icons from the old journal (xxbandcampxx) please go to the Old Archive

Please join this community and watch it on your flist.
If you wish to share this icon journal with me, comment on one of my entries.


1 - Always credit when you take any of my icons. Commenting is nice.

2 - Credit either buffy_harris or this journal, ___icons180

3 - NEVER claim any of my stuff as your own. Or you will be banned from this journal.

4 - Please, no bashing of anyone's opinions or my work. Constructive critisum is fine.

5 - Please don't change any of my graphics unless you ask and I say yes, or if stated in an entry. Bases are fine.

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