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Obsessed with the Beauty Contest

My Vanity is Such a Mess

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iwasntthere/___loves_it - MODERATOR/ICON MAKER
amy687 - ICON MAKER
hello_lisa - ICON MAKER
iloveleucine - ICON MAKER
mypaperhearto2 - ICON MAKER


♥ COMMENT if you are taking an icon. It lets us know which ones you like.
♥ CREDIT. Credit the SPECIFIC icon maker by their USERNAME, do NOT credit ___iconishly ... credit the maker :) THANK YOU. {ie: when crediting put ___loves_it @ ___iconishly}
♥ ABSOLUTELY DO NOT direct/hot link - for icons you have no reason to. For OTHER graphics, save to your computer, then go to PHOTOBUCKET.com and create an account (free!) all you need is an email address.

--> TUTORIAL on how to credit ICONS in your picture keywords: HERE by: [ merky ]

Want to be added?
Once you've read the above rules, go to THIS ENTRY, and leave a comment {this way, if there is some reason for my not adding you to the community, I can let you know what it is}. Once you've done that - click the JOIN THIS COMMUNITY link at the top of the community USERINFO page (the page you're on right now). If you're going to choose not to do both, you HAVE to click JOIN, because I can't do anything to help you out if you don't do that much.

This is not a request community. I personally do not do requests. If I ever decide to {aka: when hell freezes over} I will make a post saying that I am taking requests. DO NOT ASK. It will not go over well. Yes, I'm flattered that you'd like me to make you an icon, but I don't have time, nor the patience.

If other makers are to take requests, they will let you know in their post. Also, it is 100% unacceptable to modify an icon without permission from the original maker. So if you feel it is absolutely necessary to change something about an icon - ask first.

for ___loves_it/iwasntthere:
|| Brushes / Gradients / Textures ||
|| Screencaps / Stock Images / Icon Bases ||

{other icon makers -- if you have a resources page, feel free to make your own post, and I'll put the link to it in here too.}


*if you would like to become an affiliate, feel free to leave a comment!*