our milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard.

hot damn!
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yes, another one of those rating communities. deal with it.

rules &such

001. you must post at least 2 pictures. a maximum of 7 is allowed. you must use the lj-cut when posting pictures.

002. state your opinion, but don't say racial or predjudice shit. or you will be banned.

003. no commenting on entries until you are accepted. if you choose to disobey this, you will be banned.

004. post your application within 2 days of joining, or you will be banned.

005. fill out the following application.

some bands you like:
five or more things you like: five or more things you dislike: [can also include bands. oh, &be unique. don't say "i hate good charlotte & simple plan". we already know they suck.
one fact about yourself: [something interesting. something different. not like "i'm hot" or some lame answer.]

creator/moderator: brittany erasemyeyes

other mod,jason. _guns


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rejected stamp:

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