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Welcome to ___HotBitches. Posting your application here means you've agreed to accept our criticism. if you can't handle that, KTHXBYE. All applications must have "hott." as the subject line. Your application must be under a lj cut. dont know? learn. You MUST post your application within 2 days of joining, or else you'll be banned. DO NOT FUCKING PROMOTE HERE, YOU WILL BE BANNED whether if you're stamped or not.

rule one Read all rules before you submit an application. DO NOT PROMOTE IN THIS COMMUNITY. YOU WILL BE BANNED AND YOUR POST WILL BE DELETED.
rule two Put all applications and pictures under an lj-cut. If you don't know how to do an lj-cut, either learn how (FAQ) or don't apply.
rule three This community is based on 70% looks, and 30% personality. If you're not hot, you won't get in. I'm sick of rating communities that are too lenient. Don't bother applying unless you're hot. If you type LyKe D1sss!!!1, you will not get many yes votes, trust me.
rule four If you make it in, congratulations. Vote and promote, because the more you do, the more people join, and the more fun it is. Be active, or you'll have to reapply.
rule five Respect the members and mods. If you talk back to a stamped member or a mod, you will be immediately rejected and banned. If you want to score points with us, bold the questions and make it easy for us to read.
rule six Stamped members: Be VERY selective, and don't be afraid to criticize. BE HARSH WHEN VOTING. Not everyone is fucking hot. Most people who apply should not make it. As soon as you are stamped, you can vote on anyone who hasn't yet been stamped.
rule seven Applicants: If you can't take criticism, DO NOT APPLY. No one forced you to apply, and you will almost definitely get criticized.
rule eight You must be at least 13 to apply. 13 and 14 year olds are judged very harshly, however, so be prepared for it.

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Opinion on virgins:
Opinion on religion:
Opinion on labels:
Opinion on pre-marital sex:
Opinion on abortion:
Opinion on Bush:
How did you find us:
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