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[01] Read all of the rules before submitting an application.

[02] DO NOT, under any circumstances, promote in this community. Your post will be immediately deleted, and you will be banned.

[03] This community is based on 80% looks, and 20% personality. If you're not hot, you won't get in. Don't bother applying unless you're hot.

[04] If you type LyKe D1sss!!!!, your application will be immediately deleted.

[05] Respect the members and moderators. If you talk back to a stamped member or a mod, you will be immediately rejected and banned.

[06] When posting an application, bold all of the questions. Also, make sure the ENTIRETY of the application, both questions and pictures, is under a LJ-cut. If you do not know how to do a LJ-cut, read the FAQ or don't apply.


[08] If you cannot take criticism, do not apply. You will almost definitely get criticized.

[09] You must be 14 years old to apply. Please note that 14 year olds are judged extremely harshly.

[10] You may vote on any new application once you are stamped (when you receive the “accepted” banner on your application).

Thank you for your cooperation, and good luck!

Promote using these codes:

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*Promote and show us the link.
*Post lots of pictures.
*Be active.
*Try to be one of the first 2 voters.
and you might become the next ___hot-tie of the month! =)

Below is the application in plain text. Copy-paste it if you want to use the RTF (Rich Text Format) to post your application.

[1] Name:
[2] Age:
[3] Name your 5 favorite bands/musicians:
[4] Name your 5 favorite songs & who they are by:
[5] Name your 5 favorite movies:
[6] Name your 3 favorite stores:
[7] Promote us to at least one person or community (NOT in your own journal) and provide the link:
[8] How did you find this community?
[9] What do you think of the MODs?
[10] Post a picture of someone or something cool, so we can find out what you like:
[11] Post 3 CLEAR pictures of your face and a salute (THIS IS REQUIRED). For the salute, write your username@livejournal.com.

Below is the application in rich text. Use it if you want to update using the plain text option. [Recommended]

If you are rejected, you may apply again.

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heahthuh. She's effing awesome.


If you are accepted, you will receive this:

If you are rejected, you will receive this:

If you piss us off, you will be banned and you will receive this:

If you are accepted, put this in your profile to show you are a member!

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