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Im HOT stuff

The Basics
Name: Julia Diaz. (I go by JD though)
Location: Bay Area, California
Sexual Orientation:Bisexual
Relationship Status: almost 5 months. His name is Chris
Do you drink/smoke? I drink and I quit smoking pot. I like the morning buzz, however i just got sick and tired of it.
Who do you admire the most and why? Probably all of the women that faught for our right to vote. Im not a hardcore feminist where i think that we need to kill men or anything because they are good for some things, however i just admire how hard they have worked for our rights.
What makes you original? I guess the fact that I always try to think about others before myself. It can get back to me sometimes thought because i never take time off to think for myself. But im very caring and actually listen and help others.

Band/Artist: Tool, Rage against the machine, A Perfect Circle, and Incubus. I LOOOOOVE the fungus amungus cd.
Song:As of right now.. Limp Bizkit-Rearranged (back when they were good) I love that song, it plays over and over in my head when i go snowboarding
Movie: Fight club, office space, dazed and confused,training day
Book: go ask alice, catcher in the rye, all quiet on the western front
Actor/Actress: Brad Pitt, Denzel Washington, Julia Roberts, Julia Stiles

Views on..
Abortion: It is definently wrong. However, when a person it raped, I feel it is acceptable to get an abortion. i know because living with being raped is hard enough, and having to wait the 9 months to have the baby that wasnt even wanted in the first place, soo hard.
Same-Sex Marriages: I feel very strongly behind them NOT able to have marriage in a church. I am bisexual myself yes. However, marriage is stated in the bible, between a man and a woman. Im sorry people, but after all of these years of people being married man and woman, it is just not going to change. But I give them alot of credit for trying to change something they believe in.
George W. Bush: Meh, i dont want my political views to corrupt my chance of acceptance. I agree and disagree with his opinoins. Its hard to respond. I know the George Bush is not a great powerful speaker, but Kerry has done equally stupid things, however they werent mentioned. Bush pronounces things wrong and Kerry pronounces Idea "idears". VERY annoying.
The War in Iraq:uncalled for.
Premarital Sex: Doesnt hurt anyone, however, if your pregnant, hope you can support the baby, or be responsible. Remember.. wear a glove for love! :D

This is your last chance..
How did you hear about our community? i searched and fell upon this lovely one
Why do you think we should accept you?because i definently vote and promote

sorry if they look kinda lame


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