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Looking for Thread

First I want to apoligize for posting this under a reply to the December's crochet challenge.  I'm going to try this again.

I am working a knitted project right now, but starting a nice crochet arron style afghan next week. It's my knitted project that may run out of thread and I need to identify it to find if it's still available. It's old and probably has a dye lot, so I'm not hoping for much.

If anyone knows of a place where I might get help identifying it, please let me know.

It's a horrible raspy thin variegated thread. Maybe it's off white or cream iwth little brown, red, green, and blue speckles in it. Mostly off white or cream colored though. This feels very course and is in the lacy or fingering weight size.

I can give a photo, but I thought I would just ask first a place it can be identified, if not here. If I get lucky here it would be nice, but really I was scoping for some urls.


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