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welcome to hogwarts [entries|friends|calendar]
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

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[20 Dec 2004|02:02pm]

wow this thing has died. im sorry about that.

if you guys still want to be a part of it, let me know and if enough people answer ill get it back on =]

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please please please.. [14 Sep 2004|10:53pm]

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please apply for the sorting before you apply for membership. please. thank you <3
need 3 more ravenclaws, 2 more hufflepuffs. need potions, history of magic, and herbology teachers. if you can, please maybe advertise to friends? would be the greatest. love lots..
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update [06 Sep 2004|09:00pm]

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Just in case you havent noticed, you may now join the community :)
alright. so. for an update of whats going on, clicky hereCollapse )

i will be posting the class schedule right now. the info page needs working on, so ill get to that as soon as i can :) and as soon as i can get the jessica to help me. thats it for now, wizards and witches.

oh yes. almost forgot. please promote :)
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asking for your help.. [28 Aug 2004|04:01pm]

so i was trying to promote, and someone filled a report on me for spaming people. so if you could, can you please help get more people to join? That way we can start sooner, and we'll have a good number of people participating.

also, if anyone wants to be a teacher, please dont be shy :) if you dont know what to do in being a teacher, ask me and ill tell you :) yes. i think thats quite it. thank you!!
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sorting hat [28 Aug 2004|10:51am]

everyone who applies will be accepted. the sorting hat is simply to sort you into your house before you join into the community. fill out this application to be sorted: application Collapse )

to get sorted, comment on this entry. i will sort you as soon as possible.

*note - in order for the classes to start, i really need Ravenclaws, and we need at least one more Slytherin, and two more Hufflepuffs... at least..
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teachers needed [28 Aug 2004|10:39am]

If you want to be a teacher at Hogwarts, and are willing to sacrafice 45 minutes of your week for your class, please apply! However, you have to be sorted into a house first! But, to apply for a teacher, when you have been sorted into a house, this is the application you have to fill out as a comment to this post. THANK YOU <3

Positions available -
Potions- class is on wednsday
Astronomy- class is on wednsday
History of magic- class on thursday
Herbology- class on friday
DADA- class on friday

application for teachersCollapse )
i cant reveal when the classes are yet, at what times, because the schedule is gonna be posted on september first.
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welcome to hogwarts.. [28 Aug 2004|09:51am]

I'm glad that you found this site, however it will open on September 1st, and no earlier. Why? Well, because in the books, Hogwarts opens on September 1st, and classes start on september second. Our classes wont start for a week or two though, but i'd like to have a bit in common with the books.

This is not what the site will look like, this is a temporary lay out.

If you try joining the site until the opening date, it wont let you. that's blocked too. you may, however, comment on the site, and there will be message boxes for applications and such.

A little about the school.The classes will be held in chats, and the chat room numbers will be posted up on the info page. There might be changes in the numbers, so please look out for that. The classes schedule will be up as soon as we get enough members and teachers to be in the classrooms, so if you want the classes to start, promote promote and promote.

going from year one to year two. You dont transfer from year one to year two after the end of the year and the exams. no. you are transfered by your rating points. As soon as you get enough points, and you get them from homework and attending class, you will be notified that you can go to year two. But we wont get into that right now.
ill post more information soon, but for right now.. that all i can tell you :)

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