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___hogwarts___'s Journal

Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry
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Hail and Welcome, To Hogwarts...School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!
This is a Harry Potter based roleplaying game, the unseen journeys and storys of Hogwarts, That Lady Rowling left out! You make the storys now.... So open your imaginations, Grab your wand, and Join us, here at ___hogwarts___ !

What is Role Play, and Can I do it?
Anyone with the love for harry potter can Role play here, aslong as you follow our rules. If your intrested, but are unsure as to what Role playing is, Don't be afriad to ask.
Role playing is a imaginary Online activity, where you take on as one of the characters from Harry potter, or create your very own, and are placed in a magial enviroment, with other online friends who share the same love for make-believe and Harry Potter. If your still confused, No need to worry, all you have to do, is read on. Rules, Members, Activitys, and Explainations are all listed below.

If ever you find yourself in need of help, please report to one of the following Professors.

_slythwitch_ School HeadMistress

x_deadstar_x Slytherin HeadMistress
realitygonemad Ravenclaw HeadMistress

Rules To Follow
We want to keep this as brief and easy to follow as possible, but we need your help in obeying the rules, So do your part!
1. First and Formost, Respect your Professors, Prefects, Staff, And ofcourse Other students. Any fighting in this Community will be tooken care of the same way it is in Hogwarts. Remember this, Because We are very strict about it. (HOWEVER: You are allowed, and encouraged to have a row between someone in the rp game, as long as they are aware of it aswell!)