Willow Hawkins


*Looked around With a slight frown, as if she might see a loving face to wave good bye to her as she boards the Hogwarts express...but like every 31st Day of July Of the past 6 years of her life, Willow Deirdre Hawkins saw no one. No one but Happy faces boarding the train, concerned faces of Parents, or Scowls of Parents reminding they're children to Be good... Willow Shook her head slightly, and clambered onto the Train, no one seeming to notice the slightly sorrowful White haired Witch board the train, alone, and fight her way through the crowded Corridors against the excited students, and Into the very last Compartment of the Train, Alone. She set her school books and her Overly Large Russian Blu, Oberion (Pronouced Obe-Er-On) On the seat next to her, who just looked up through slitted Yellow eyes, and meowed weakly, in protest of being awaken. Willow Pressed her forhead against the Window, and sighed deeply, miserabley watching the parents wave they're children off to Hogwarts. Willow Doubted anyone would Seat themselfs in a compartment with her, She wasn't greatly like, and Had very few friends... The closest thing to a friend she had was a strange 5th year Ravenclaw named Luna Lovegood, and they weren't even great of friends... People found Willow Weird.*
"Just let this year pass..." *she muttered misearbabley to herself*
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Name... "Finch Cambria" Riddle;
House... Ravenclaw---the Sorting Hat gave her the option of Ravenclaw or Slytherin. She chose Ravenclaw, since that was where her instincts directed her.
Birthdate... September 1
Year... Her sixteenth year of Life, Her sixth year at Hogwarts.

Appearence... Her bright golden eye hue, rimmed slightly with brown, contrasts slightly with the dark black of her regular sized pupils. Her eyes are oversized, and are deep and filled with a strong sense of wisdom; the kind of eyes that would belong to a loner. Sometimes she can be found wearing light brown Horn-Rimmed glasses, usually a sign of a good mood. Her hair is usually it's natural color of soft black, always managing to shine and keep it's line of bangs just covering her brows. Finch tends to "dye" and "cut" her hair alot, with a flick of her dragon fang wand that is, the color ranging from deep maroon to electric blue. The same goes with the hue of her lips, though, when her hair is it's right color, she wears red lipstick. Her fingernails match her lip color always, and they usually stand out on her long fingered hands. She comes off as Vampire-looking, though still remains pretty. With milky white skin, elven ears, and un-human radiance, Finch looks anything but normal.

Under the Robe [Clothing]... Finch can be found wearing anything. One day she might wear her famous attire of a Band T-Shirt, pants and boots, and the next a costume reflecting her idol of Alice from Alice in Wonderland [she has a hard time explaining who that is]. Her wide variety of clothing seems to appear out of thin air. And it does---she "makes" them herself.

Background... Finch knows nothing of her past.
The only information she has is her last name of Riddle. She does not know who her real parents were, or what her first name is, but she has sworn to find her father...
Now, she lives happily with a family of Pure Blood, all former students at Hogwarts... and all former Hufflepuffs.
[NOTE: Her last name of 'Riddle' does not mean that Voldemort is her father. It might be a coincidence, helping when people make insults about her.]</u>

In her Blood... Her heritage is a messy one, but it all comes from Russian Roots. [NOTE: this is not her Wizard Family's heritage but her real one.]
Role... Artist---musical and visual.

Companion... A miniature, red-tawny owl, named "Artuous" [pronounced Art-Tooce], nicknamed "Art".

Personality... 'Anger is pointless...' she tells herself that often, scared after having many temper tantrums, once resulting in her own and others' multiple injuries. Thanks to her meditation, she remains calm even in times of intense stress. Other than that, Finch is a remotely cheerful person. She looks on the bright side of things, and is clever with her ways of soleving problems. Her advice usually turns out to be right... so right, that sometimes her family calls them 'predictions'. She doesn't associate much with people, finding them to be immature. Her escape from the world when angered is her books [she always carries at least one with her] her art, and music. Finch is also thoughtful, always over-analyzing things to a point where she can base theories and 'sights' off them. She cares about everyone, but she finds it hard to keep words--sarcastic words--to herself when speaking.

Her personality can be compared to that of Alice from Alice in Wonderland---wise, yet innocent and constantly curious and empathetic to all.

Though she doesn't know it yet, she is a Seer.

- - - - -

My Character of Choice: Harry Potter, of course!
Teacher of Choice: Professor Sibyll Trelawny

[[Er, this was an old character background and I had to tweak it a bit... sorry for the length.]]
Let the show begin.
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Name: Willow Deirdre Hawkins
House: Ravenclaw, The house of intelligence, and maturity.
Year: 6th year.
Apperence: She had a thin, angelic feline like face, with Long pointed ears barely passable as human... Her cheeks we're high, giving her a certain elegance though you could barely ever see her face anyways, for it was usually hidden behind her long sheet of silvery white hair that reached her lower back. Her eyes were Large and doe like, A dark dancing color that gave her the effect of always seeming to be on the verge of tears... Her Eyebrowls were thin and had the effect of giving her exagerated yet elegant expressions. Though they were rarely visible, she had few lightly colored Freckles dotting her cheeks, and splattered against her pale arms... Her hand we're long and thin, Nimble, much like the hand of a elve. her nails were long, and sharp though she rarely painted them. She wore no makeup.
Heritage: There we're rumors that her grandmother on her mothers side was a veela, but other than that, she was nothing but german.
Parental Units: Orion Starwalker Hawkins, and Pythia Rhionnon Morrigan. Her father was tall and broad, with a strong build and warm smile, tangled Dark hair, and curious brown eyes. His personality was much relfected on his apperence, he was always warm and curious, always seemed to be so happy. Pythia However was thin and elegant so much like Willow, though they're personalitys we're much different. Pythia was dark, and cruel, and did not care much for anything but serving the dark lord.
Personality wise: Willow is a very artistic, thoughful, intelligent girl, with much compassion, and much concern. Though all this, so unhumanly it seems, is Seen as "Odd" and "Strange" in others eyes, those eye whom do not understand her. Frequently is Willow Refered to as Weird.
Special Powers: Willow is Animagus for a small white fox, much resmebling her very self in Apperence and Personality, though its rare for Willow to transform considering she is Unregistered, and hence illeagal.

For my teacher I have choosen Severus Snape..
And for my Fellow student, I have choosen Draco Lucious Malfoy.
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First off, because its only you and me, Anjelica...Lol....pick one teacher, one Main character from the book, and One of your very own and those you are to play. The teacher doesnt have to be played all the time, but its nice just to keep the atmosphere going. Post a very descriptive Introduction about your character, including name, age, house, apperence, history, the likes. (youve done this before, so Im sure your all set)
This is just like rping in a chat room, same rules. when your talking use " 's and when you performing an Action, use * 's or : 's.

Any questions, just post them.

Things to remeber: We're playing in harry potters 6th year. you can be animagus or anything in paticular if you wish. Lets start on the train.

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