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Am I Bangable?

--About You
[Name] Melissa
[Age] 14
[Sex] female
[Location] CA
[Hobbies/Interests] Swimming, surfing, singing, church, family, and friends
[Zodiac Sign] libra
[Do you work? If so, where?] yes, at school and chores at my house :p

[Favorite Movie] Napoleon Dynamite
[Favorite Band/Singer] Relient K, Switchfoot, The Beatles, Queen, Simon and Grarfunkel
[Favorite TV Show] Fear Factor, The Bachelor/ette, CSI, Survivor
[Favorite Color] Orange and White
[Favorite Actor]  Jim Carey, Mel Gibson
[Favorite Actress] Julia Roberts, Scarlett Johansson
[Favorite brand] American Eagle
[Favorite Quote] "Why not go out on a limb? Isn't that where the fruit is?" - Frank Scully (author)

[Ugliest Color] Neon Yellow
[Least Favorite Food] Brussel Sprouts and Dried Prunes
[Most Hated Actress] Lindsey Lohan, Hilary Duff
[Most Hated Actor] Justin in "From Justin to Kelly"
[Least Favorite Movie] From Justin to Kelly
[One of Your Pet Peeves] People looking at my feet

[Favorite clothing brand] Anthropologie and American Eagle
[Favorite article of clothing in general] Polo Shirts
[What kind of jewelry do you usually wear?] Earings and my cross necklace
[What is the WORST thing someone could wear?] stuff that doesn't match or go well together
[What's the meanest thing you've ever done?]3 way called my 2 best friends when one liked the other and the other didn't like him. Then when he thought that it was only the 2 of us he admitted that he liked her even though she was still on the phone. He still hasnt forgave me for it.
[What's the biggest lie you've ever told?] That i didnt break my neighbors when i actually did. i blamed it on my neighbor.
[What's the meanest insult you've been given?] That i need liposuction
[What's the meanest insult you've given?] I told my mom that she was fat. Not to smart.

--Complete the Sentence
[If I was stranded on an island, the one thing I would want to have with me would be...] If i was stranded on an island, i would want to have my best friend Breanna with me to share the experience.
[Nothing is worse than...]  Nothing is worse then having a clump of hair come out when you take out a pony tail.
[No matter what, the one thing that can always make me happy is/are...] No matter what, the one thing that can always make me happy is being able to talk to God by praying.
[If I was reincarnated, I would want to be...] If i was reincarnated, I would want to be a giraffe. 

--Convince Us
[Why should we accept you?] I am really good at checking for spelling errors and I am also in a sister community with the mod.
[Promote to two other users/communities and give us the links]http://www.livejournal.com/community/000000000000008/238020.html, http://www.livejournal.com/community/__________promo/449130.html
[How'd you hear about us?] only the coolest person ever, Court!
[Post at least 3 CLEAR pictures of yourself. One must be a body shot and a 133x100 one]




PC280026.jpg Full Body

PC300074rm.jpg 133x100



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