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Anyone else get one of these today?



Dear Pete

We wish to sincerely apologise for the serious error in an e-mail sent to you yesterday promoting the MBNA Official England Football Credit Card.

Our technical partner, Premium TV, sent this e-mail and was distributed without Heart of Midlothian’s final approval.

Once again we acknowledge the seriousness of the error and can only apologise for any offence caused.


Heart of Midlothian FC / Premium TV

Black and White, Me

Tynecastle Today

Afternoon everyone :)

A bit stressful yesterday, wasn't it?

Anyway... i've posted some pics from tynecastle today up on photobucket - not great quality, as my proper camera battery ran out of juice and I was reduced to using my camera on my phone...

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Another seaon over eh. No bad was it? So what's everyone up to this Saturday then? ;-) In the words of Mr. Takis Fysass......

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Steven Whittaker is a Jambo. He lives 3 streets from me and has a Hearts badge tattoo on his arm. I found this out during the semi final when talking to one of my mates who knows him (he cruises around in his BMW like an enlarged penis!)

Still doesn't stop him from being a cunt though. I hate Hibs :(


Choose life, choose Leith, choose not winning the cup for over 100 years,
choose Gareth Evans, choose a disabled fan's carer running on to the park for
a sly kick at Stuart Dougal, choose hookers down Coburg Street, choose
Jimmy Boco, choose the smell wafting from the Seafield sewage works over
the Links each morning, choose losing to a bunch of Lithuanian waiters in the
Inter Tattie cup, choose entering the Inter tattie cup in the first place, choose
Jocky Scott, choose dirty needles, choose having the worst derby record in
the entire world, choose Alan Sneddon, choose making a big deal about
being "the first to wear the green" like it actually matters, choose being one
day away from being closed down by your biggest rivals, choose being
'classy' when half of your support is made up of chavs, choose singing songs
about refugees, choose a tenner bag, choose David Fellinger, choose David
Duff and Jim Gray, choose trying to kid people into believing that you've
always played good football when the truth is that you've been absolutely
shyte for 30 years, choose going on and on and on about a game that
occurred before most of you were even born, choose the Loch Inn, choose
Edward Hurtado, choose getting humped 5-1 by some Ukranian team whose
name nobody can pronounce, choose hiring an open-top bus for a cup final
against a diddy team and then proceeding to lose the match, choose losing
30,000 'fans' on the way home from said cup final, choose Benny Brazil,
choose your derby rivals having won more derby matches at your ground
than you have, choose to go on and on and on about once beating Real
Madrid in a friendly match, choose Steve Cowan, choose running on the park
for a sly kick at Andy Goram, choose Salamander Street, choose John
Burridge, choose going 22 games in a row without beating your biggest rivals,
choose making a big deal about a scoreboard that worked for a month,
choose Alex Miller, choose incessantly going on about how some shady
Russian is going to sell Tynecastle and shut Hearts down only to look on in
horror as he invests heavily in the team, writes millions of pounds of debt off
and builds a new main stand, choose Joe Tortolano, choose Burberry caps,
skiddy pants and shell-suits, choose flairdoo's instead of hairdoo's, choose
thinking that 'Sunshine on Leith' is not dreadful, choose running on the park
for a sly kick at John Robertson, choose John Robertson scoring 27 goals
against you, choose Wayne Foster actually scoring a goal against you and
putting you out of the cup into the bargain, choose Bobby Williamson, choose
hiring a manager with a monkey head, choose worshipping and buying a
decanter for a manager who only won one match, choose defending your
club captain for urinating in a charity shop doorway after a team night out
watching strippers, choose thinking that the term 'yam' is even slightly
amusing in any way shape or form, choose Mickey Weir, choose Pirniefield in
the morning, choose being the most ungracious losers this side of
Christendom, choose the cow-shed, choose going out of business when
Celtic nicked all your players, choose running on to the pitch to celebrate your
first derby win in 10 years only to be chased off again by the visiting support,
choose living in the shadows of your neighbours for 131 years and forever
knowing that you will always be the wee team, choose the Proclaimers,
choose John Leslie, choose Hibs.

Can I just say something here...

For all the whinging the Hibby's did, for all the moaning Mowbray did, for all the madness of having to go to Hampden in the first place, for us supposedly having the home advantage at Murrayfield, for Hibs and they're huge following (and all those empty seats), for Hibs being so unbelievably amazing with they're fast, free flowing "attack" minded football, for them being able to exploit Hampden's huge open spaces (the pitch at Murrayfield is actually bigger), for Ivan Sprouple and his pace and how are defenders won't get near him, for the stupid lunch time kick off - for which Hearts supposedly can't play with and Hibs are brilliant at lunch time kick offs cos they beat some shitey Rangers team 3-0 when it was a lunch time kick off.... all I have to say to all you Hibbys is..... FUCK YOU AND GET IT RIGHT FUCKIN UP YE'S!

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Just thought I'd say Hi.
I've been a Hearts supporter all my life, though I used to work in the Caley Thistle shop. :S Live in Perth now, but have played in Tynecastle. (Won a coca-cola competition to do so.)

Suppose I'd better put some content into my first post:

branimir_kostadinov signed for Hearts

Age: 16
Nationallity: Bulgarian
International Caps (U-17): 10
International Goals (U-17): 7
Club Appearances: 65
Club Goals: 76
Current Club: Lask

Should be a good find for us.

Taken from the Scotsman:

Hearts ready to complete swoop for Bulgarian kid


HEARTS will complete the signing of Bulgarian teenager Branimir Kostadinov inside the next ten days after the player secured a student visa for his move to Scotland.

The 16-year-old has been training with the Jambos since January, when the club began fighting through stringent red tape to sign a player whose country is not a member of the European Union.

However, Kostadinov secured a two-year student visa this week and will now enrol in a plush Edinburgh school to facilitate his move to Tynecastle, which should be finalised next week when his registration is lodged with the SFA.

"It's 99.9 per cent done and dusted," said John Murray, Hearts' youth academy director. "Now Branimir has his student visa, we have to meet with the SFA to get him registered with that.

"We met with the SFA a while ago to apply for international clearance for him, which hasn't arrived yet, so now we will go back to them with all the relevant documentation that will allow him to sign as an amateur and play for our youth side.

"I will make an appointment to see the SFA and they will give us a date, probably next week some time, and we can go through and talk to them with a view to getting things tied up as soon as possible.

"The whole process should be completed in the next week to ten days, which will be great news for us."

Another Hearts teenager, Daniel Galbraith, remains on his way out of Tynecastle in a £50,000 deal to Manchester United, although the move will not go through until the summer.