August 26th, 2006

Black and White, Me

The B-Team

So what did everyone think of our new/fringe players today then?

Thought Pinilla and Mole looked good up front, Wallace was good at left back again. Not sure about Karipidis, he looked good for most of the game but had a couple of iffy moments (although not as many as Elvis did today... hopefully he was just tired after midweek). Zaliukas... well, probably the less said the better - did he actually manage to pass the ball to any hearts player except for Craig Gordon in the 2nd half?

Wee Driver was great when he came on though - I'd really quite like to see him and Wallace get a shot down the left hand side together, they looked like they link up really well from today. Although McCann seems to have remembered how to cross at some point through the week, he still gives the ball away needlessly far too often.

All in all, winning 4-1 with a virtually unrecognisable squad... can't be bad, can it?