July 28th, 2006

Champions League? we're having kebabs...

AEK Athens then. It's as good draw as we could've got IMO - whilst as the seeded team they're naturally favourites, I don't see why we can't upset them. A score ending in AEK nil at Murrayfield is vital though, the last thing we need is to be going over there chasing the game.

Still undecided whether to go over for the 2nd leg, their stadium ( http://www.stadiumguide.com/nikosgoumas.htm ) isn't the biggest and as UEFA rules mean they don't have to give us anything over 5% of capacity, tickets are gonna be hard to come by. I sure as hell ain't going in the home end in that nuthouse! Shall see what the pennies are like after Siroki Brijeg.

We'll win 3-1 tomorrow, Ibby Tall to get one step closer to that golden boot.