x0xsexiibabii (x0xsexiibabii) wrote in ___hawtsexxx,

Am i hawt sexxx?


00. Name *Christine
01. Age *16
02. Sex* Female
03. Location *CT
04. Sexual Orientation *Heterosexual
05. Top Bands*Ashlee Simpson, Trapt
06. Top Movies*Thirteen
07. Top Books*Summergirls
08. Body Mods* 9 ear piercings, bellybutton

00. Gay Marriages-I'm not for it because its just not something i'm used to, but you can;'t help who you love.
01. Straight Edge- I think straight edge people just need to chill out any realize that people like to have fun.
02. President Bush-Personally, i don't know too much about him but I think this country could be improved without him in charge.

PICTURES - i only have a couple of me on this site that liana made and theyre really bad but theyre all i have :\


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