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00. Jewelee//Core
01. fourteen
02. female
03. USA
04. bisexualish
05. Nirvana, NIN, Deadsy, Orgy, Manson, MSI, Norma Jean, Alexisonfire, Brand New, Prince!!! so many more...
06. Big Fish, Bowling for Columbine, Doppelherz, The Believer, Dazed and Confused, so many more, again.
07. She's come undone, The Amityville Horror, The Night I Disappeared, If You Come Softly, anything Nietzsche, Kurt Cobain journals
08. three ear piercings because I'm a faggot.

00. I think they should just let gay couples get married and just stop caring. There will always be a fight between everyone no matter what. And this also is a "free country" so we're contradicting ourselves if we ignore gay marriages.
01. Straight Edge is ok if you don't preach. I have no problem with anyone who abides by the straight edge lifestyle unless they can't be friends with anyone who isn't sXe.
02. President Bush is a fucking dumbass. He has a horrible way with words, only wants to please himself and is a fucking hypocrite.


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