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am i hawt sexxx?

00. Name: Katherine
01. Age: 15
02. Sex: Female
03. Location: Milford CT
04. Sexual Orientation: Lesbain
05. Top Bands: Orgy, MSI, Linkin Park, Ashlee Simpson, Manson
06. Top Movies: Office Space, the life of david gale, sister act lol dont ask, lord of the kings
07. Top Books: Rumble fish b
08. Body Mods: 2 piercings in each ear, and button.. as in belly

Opinions –
00. Gay Marriages: for it, i think it souldnt even be an issue. just let us be happy :)
01. Straight Edge: personally im not. but if thats the way some people want to live their lives, then thats cool. as long as i dont have to hear about it.
02. President Bush: he's a dumbass.

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