Jimm Durden (plisken77) wrote in ___hawtsexxx,
Jimm Durden

Am I hawt sexxx?

00. Name--Jimm
01. Age--24
02. Sex--M
03. Location--meriden, ct
04. Sexual Orientation--str8
05. Top Bands--black flag, crisis, the misfits[not that reunion shit], sabbath, clutch, gwar, static-x, zombie
06. Top Movies--the road warrior, fight club, goodfellas, scarface, the shining, clerks, shaft, escape from new york, potc, donnie darko, american psycho, mad max, goonies, 12 monkies, anything kevin smith, fear and loathing in las vegas, slc punk, freeway 2, lotr, house of 1000 corpses, american beauty, the great escape, breakfast of champions, evil dead, anything with vincent price, anything directed by the coen brothers
07. Top Books--edgar rice burroughs, stephen king, douglas adams, anything by kurt vonnegut
08. Body Mods--tattoos [7]

Opinions –
00. Gay Marriages--legalize it
01. Straight Edge--be edge if you want,but if you go around bitching at people who drink/smoke/etc, dont be suprised if you get the piss beat out of you
02. President Bush--fcking die already


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