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Am I hawt Sexxx?

00. Name--> Samantha
01. Age--> 15
02. Sex--> yes please
03. Location--> New York
04. Sexual Orientation--> Bisexual
05. Top Bands--> Marilyn Manson, Jack off jill, icp, linkin park, nirvana
06. Top Movies--> the crow, biodome, striptease, dreamcatcher
07. Top Books--> I am sam, Kill me at midnight
08. Body Mods--> Belly Button Ring, 3 holes in each ear, and 1 in my right cartalige

Opinions –
00. Gay Marriages--> gay people kick ass, I love them all.
01. Straight Edge--> It's good not to do anything, but you only live once

02. President Bush--> I don't keep up much on politics

Three pictures or more.
--> here's a picture link for you ... www.picturetrail.com/toungeringinx

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