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This is a community for claiming anything fictional related to Harry Potter. Its characters, spells, places, pairings, houses, objects, body parts, anything - except the actors themselves, since this is all character based.

1. Post claims as a new entry only. Any claims made in comments, will not be accepted.
2. Up to five people can claim the same thing, and it's on a first come, first serve basis.
3. You must put a link back to this community in your user info before applying for a claim, not just the automatic member link when you join, and list what your claims are along with the link. If the link isn't there when we check, your request will be ignored.
4. You can make up to three (3) claims.
5. If you move to another journal, let us know.
6. If you delete your journal or leave the community, you lose your claims.
7. No fighting over claims.
8. Do not advertise other claims communities here. You can do that in your own journal.
9. When you make your claims, put "Malfoy" at the end of your post, so that I know you've read the rules.

Claimed: Those with * before the name, are no longer available for claiming.

Characters & Creatures

Regulus Black - emi_takarai
Sirius Black - ladyilluminati, threeleaf, emi_takarai, lonelyarienette
Sirius "Snuffles" Black (dog form) - xawkwardsilence, bratzprincess
Buckbeak - goodnight_hyatt, threeleaf
Crookshanks - spellbound_
*Cedric Diggory - clouded_logic, phantomsquirrel, colour_of_rain, nightmare_laur, malfoy_addict
Albus Dumbledore - hyde_ur_panda
Fawkes the Phoenix - rainmage
Seamus Finnigan - bottom_line
Hermione Granger - melzie0323, bluecascades, silverxdragon
Fenrir Greyback - sputteringraven
Hedwig the Owl - melzie0323, zynixis
Viktor Krum - dontbecruel_, revolizandiditt
Bellatrix Lestrange - vampirespirit, reignofthenight, just_a_cheryl
Neville Longbottom - fire_werewolf
Luna Lovegood - rainmage
Remus J. Lupin - goodnight_hyatt, nastyhobbitfeet, ladymiriamel
Draco Malfoy - sinisterbeauty, tiger_kaos, the_wild_roses, celeste13
*Lucius Malfoy - sinisterbeauty, joliana, wickedsmile, demonicpixy, celeste13
Narcissa Malfoy - supersonictrain
Nagini - reignofthenight
Norbert the Norwegian Ridgeback - xawkwardsilence, ybnormal84
Pansy Parkinson - digital_dreamz
Padma Patil - brokendiamond
Pigwidgeon - madamrosmerta
*Harry Potter - tiger_kaos, freedomp0kadots, rainmage, zynixis, miss_neither
James potter - marauderqueen
*Tom Riddle - blood_lass, vampirespirit, fortunadevinis, miss_neither, estas_absentis
*Severus Snape - sinisterbeauty, lunchy, the_wild_roses, wickedsmile, nokomis2877
Andromeda Tonks - paintedponyxox
Nymphadora Tonks - ladymiriamel, ohnomychicken
*Fred Weasley - raining_kittys, nastyhobbitfeet, ybnormal84, elvencellist, summerella
George Weasley - raining_kittys, nastyhobbitfeet, blood_lass, elvencellist
Ginny Weasley - raining_kittys
Ron Weasley - phatima, dirrtygenie, sputteringraven
*Oliver Wood - tiger_kaos, lunchy, writexthewrong, freedomp0kadots, demonicpixy


Sirius Black/Hermione Granger - ceredwensirius
Sirius Black/Remus Lupin- goodnight_hyatt, fortunadevinis, tauri_flezzi, estas_absentis
Cho Chang/Cedric Diggory - nightmare_laur
Cho Chang/Draco Malfoy - nightmare_laur
Cho Chang/Harry Potter - writexthewrong
Marcus Flint/Oliver Wood - summerella
*Hermione Granger/Draco Malfoy - blaze_faula, demonicpixy, supersonictrain, colour_of_rain, bloody_marvy
Hermione Granger/Lucius Malfoy - pinkyheather
Hermione Granger/Severus Snape - pinkyheather, parked_soul
Hermione Granger/Ron Weasley - dirrtygenie, exit_24
Angelina Johnson/Fred Weasley - summerella
Bellatrix Lestrange/Voldemort - just_a_cheryl
Neville Longbottom/Draco Malfoy - fire_werewolf
Remus Lupin/Severus Snape - fire_werewolf
Remus Lupin/Nymphadora Tonks - ladymiriamel, ohnomychicken
Draco Malfoy/Lucius Malfoy - the_wild_roses
*Draco Malfoy/Harry Potter - purest_draco, bluecascades, brokendiamond, phantomsquirrel, revolizandiditt
Draco Malfoy/Ron Weasley - hari_kari
Lucius Malfoy/Narcissa Malfoy - supersonictrain
Lucius Malfoy/Severus Snape - nokomis2877
Harry Potter/Voldemort - reignofthenight
Harry Potter/Ginny Weasley - bratzprincess
James Potter/Lily Potter- paintedponyxox

Objects, Clothes, Body Parts & Things

Sirius Black's eyes - xcatchafirex
Sirius Black's hair - xcatchafirex, miss_neither
Sirius Black's motorcycle - emi_takarai
Sirius Black's smirk - ceredwensirius
Sirius Black's wink - ceredwensirius
Hermione Granger's Time Turner - dirrtygenie
Remus Lupin's chocolate stash - tauri_flezzi
Draco Malfoy's eyes - phatima, colour_of_rain, revolizandiditt, bloody_marvy
Draco Malfoy's hair - bottom_line, blood_lass, nicoletta_s, malfoy_addict
Draci Malfoy's heart - malfoy_addict
Draco Malfoy's Nimbus 2001 - blaze_faula
Draco Malfoy's tie - lunchy
Draco Malfoy's wand - dancernc4415
Lucius Malfoy's cane - pinkyheather, nicoletta_s
Lucius Malfoy's hair - estas_absentis
Harry Potter's eyes - exit_24
Harry Potter's glasses - freedomp0kadots
Harry Potter's lips - phatima
Harry Potter's scar - silverxdragon
Harry Potter's wand - zynixis
Severus Snape's crease between eyebrows - kay_lala16
Severus Snape's heart - nokomis2877, _menomaru_, just_a_cheryl, marlena_samhain
Severus Snape's nose - kay_lala16
Severus Snape's Private Chambers - marlena_samhain
Severus Snape's tattoo - kay_lala16
Ron Weasley's broken wand - hari_kari
Ron Weasley's heart - ohnomychicken
Ron Weasley's nose - vampirespirit
Oliver Wood's broom - ranereins
Oliver Wood's quidditch robes - ranereins
The Firebolt - spellbound_
The Grim in the Tea Leaves - lonelyarienette
The Locket taken by R.A.B. - lonelyarienette


Durmstrang - dontbecruel_
Grimmauld Place - paintedponyxox
Gryffindor Girls' Dorm - blaze_faula, brokendiamond
Hogsmeade - exit_24
Hogwarts - madamrosmerta
The Leaky Cauldron - bratzprincess
Malfoy Manor - nicoletta_s
The Restricted Section of the Library - ranereins
Shrieking Shack - ladyilluminati
Severus Snape's Private Chambers - gunmoll, _menomaru_
Weasleys' Wizarding Wheezes - elvencellist

Potions, Spells & Curses

Alohamora - madamrosmerta
Amortentia - xcatchafirex
Avada Kedavra - bluecascades, hyde_ur_panda
Cruciatus - purest_draco
Dissendium - spellbound_
Expecto Patronum - tauri_flezzi
Imperius - purest_draco
Lumos - ladyilluminati
Sectumsempra - phantomsquirrel, hyde_ur_panda, ybnormal84


*Slytherin - digital_dreamz, bottom_line, wickedsmile, celeste13, _menomaru_
Ravenclaw - joliana
Gryffindor - silverxdragon


The Chamber of Secrets - fearlessfirefly, threeleaf
The Goblet of Fire - dancernc4415
The Half Blood Prince - melzie0323


Transfiguration - xawkwardsilence

Quidditch Teams

Bulgarian - dontbecruel_
Slytherin - dancernc4415, marlena_samhain

*More to be added as needed

Moderators: potions__master, __malfoy, sinisterbeauty