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Fiery Inception - come play!

Lucius Malfoy is especially wanted at present for a canon Harry Potter role-play game which is set post-Half-Blood Prince, post-War. We also need MWPP-age contemporaries – where NON-Sue/Stu characters are welcome. Be warned: we are exceedingly picky about the OC’s we permit, see all rules before applying.

--Are you tired of role-play games that die a few weeks after they start?
--Are you tired of weak plots, absent moderators and games without direction?
--Are you tired of games degenerating into sheer fluff, or suffering from the “Everyone Is Gay at Hogwarts” syndrome?
--Are you tired of ‘canon’ characters being utterly unrecognizable?
--Are you tired of weak writing skills, rampant ‘one liners’ and third-grade grammar?
--Are you tired of games that are so rigid with canon they stifle all creativity?

If you answered “YES!” to any of these questions, then come have a look at fiery_inception!

Fiery Inception
Banner by broken_harry

"In ashes of despaire, though burnt, shall make thee live." --Sir Philip Sidney, Arcadia

  • Canon through HBP, game started March 1, 2006.
  • Game is set in 2000, began the day after Voldemort's defeat
  • Age 18 and up, only
  • Adult content permitted, slash and het, within reason, see rules
  • Non-trio-aged Original characters permitted, within very stringent guidelines, see rules. Currently looking for one or two ‘good’ OC werewolves to be allied with Remus Lupin.
  • Rich admin-driven plot environment with plenty of individual character sub-plots.
  • Please Note: The Admin team for this game consists of six individuals ranging in age from 18 to nearly 40, most of whom have played together for nearly two years. This is not a fly-by-night, quick to die game! Apply with confidence!

We have just recently lost our Lucius player to the black-hole of ‘real life’. Lucius is greatly desired by his wife and son, as well as his sister-in-law and a great many aimless souls in need of a strong leader for the ‘Cause’. Lucius needs to be prepared to lead the pureblood supremacist movement with the genteel grace and political savvy of a Malfoy.

The war raged for nearly three years. Sometimes Death Eaters had the upper hand, sometimes the Order of the Phoenix did. Through it all, the Ministry tried to appear competent, efficient, and knowledgeable—mostly ineffectually.

As in any war, countless people died, and as is often the case, the vast majority of these were innocent bystanders, caught in crossfire or used as tools. No one knew whom to trust. Chaos reigned.

Every war must have an end, and this was no different. In an epic battle, culminating in fiery explosions and structural damage to Hogwarts itself, Voldemort was vanquished at last, his Horcruxes destroyed. Dark Marks did not simply fade, but vanished completely. He was gone.

Yet, the Ministry is still politically corrupt and inept. Pureblood supremacists still hold much clout in the form of financial leverage and power. Minerva McGonagall wishes to rebuild Hogwarts without undue influence from either of those factions, with bold new plans for combating life-long prejudices among the students.

Less than twenty-four hours after Voldemort's demise, and already lines have been drawn in the sand, showing the war might be over, but prejudice and strife are still rampant, hindering the ability of the Wizarding World to rebuild and be united.

"Sometimes . . . the end is the easy part. It's where you go from there that really matters. The choice is yours. . . where are you heading?"

We’re especially looking for MWPP-age contemporaries like Kingsley Shacklebolt, Hestia Jones, Alastor Moody, and Arthur Weasley—the admin team is hoping for a strong Arthur to eventually possibly ‘run’ for Minister for Magic later in the game. Many ‘Trio Era’ characters are still open, as well..

In regards to Lucius, specifically, the successful applicant will:

--be an experienced gamer with a reasonable amount of time to give to an active game
--be willing to work in close conjunction with the Admin Team to keep plots moving and the game lively with intrigue and suspense without turning the entire game ‘dark’
--be a proactive player who knows how to initiate plots and threads and run Lucius as a ‘driving force’ behind the still-alive but badly-wounded ‘pureblood supremacist’ movement.

There is very little ‘back story’ from the preceding Lucius player, so assimilating into the game and making Lucius utterly your own will not be difficult. The only absolute is that Lucius must be a Pureblood Supremacist.

More details on our needs for Lucius can be found here.
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