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Haunted Chambers

A Harry Potter Role-Playing game with focus on the word beyond Hogwarts!

  • --Original Characters permitted after a four-week probationary period playing a canon character.
  • --Play Tri-era, MWPP era, first war, present-day (through HBP) to explore your character’s history.
  • --Canon-compliant, this is not an AU world! No cross-overs, no ‘everyone is gay at Hogwarts’ syndrome, with a very strong focus on quality writing and believable character development.
  • --Administrated by three adults with extensive experience in both role-playing and game administration.

Haunted Chambers is a very lose-flowing game, spanning several decades of wizarding history, including MWPP era, first-war forums as well as Trio-era and ‘present day’ forums.

Our focus is on character development and exploration instead of a strict linear plot line. While plot is certainly an important part of any storytelling endeavor, we strive to give our players an opportunity to greater explore the path their characters have traveled to reach the current era.

Much of the action in this game takes place in the world beyond Hogwarts, focusing on the realm of the adult interactions and the wider wizarding world. Players applying for 'student' characters should expect to need to be self-motivating and self-driving in forming relationships and interactions with other players on the board. Shopkeepers, Ministry Employees, Aurors, Order Members, Death Eaters, Hospital workers, the possibilities are endless for characters and game interaction.

The administration team closely screens all applicants for quality of writing, depth of character development, avoidance of ‘Mary Sueisms’, and a solid grasp of canon. This is administrated by three adults with a great deal of experience with role play games, administrating communities, and writing.

Homepage Link:
Game format: Message Board
Game Rules:
Available Character List:
Age Requirement: 16 and up, only
Content rating: The overall game is PG-13, though there are ‘adult’ forums where slash and het content is permitted.
Admin Contact Information:
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