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Name: Brittany
age: 18 going on 19
Birthday: july 9, 1986
Location: WV,US
gender: Female

::Harry Stuff::
Favourite Charater & Why?: Fred Weasley. I'm in love with Fred because he's a bad/good boy. He's always causing trouble but he doesn't cross the line of seriously hurting anyone. Plus I think red heads are awesome! My second favorite is...Angelina Johnson (come on who didn't see this coming?) Angie's so cool I wish I was her (if she was real) See Ash I haven't lost my touch of reality yet.
Fav. Book & Why?: Fourth book because its big I love reading big books. I really hate the fifth one though some of the main characters were out of character and my dawg died. R.I.P
Do you like the movies? I give them an okay. The third one was beautiful but it was completely messed up. In the theater I started yelling because they messed so much up. Yeah to anyone that liked the movie I don't hate you it was better than the first two because of the scenary and everything but it shouldn't be named PoA it didn't go by the books. I just hope they don't mees up the fourth one, but Molly isn't in there and neither is Bill or Percy so I'm sad. But as my mother says books are better than movies I have to add with the exception of Lord of the Rings a HORRIBLE BOOK! but a fantastic movie! Wow I said a lot.
If so, whose you're favourite actor/actress? James Phelps...duh.
What makes you an addict? I think the whole yelling at the movie theater for getting PoA wrong/crying at every movie/being depressed for a month when I read the fifth book/joining multiple HP rpgs/talking about HP so much people call me obessed/hating anyone who says Harry's hair is brown/making up stories and posting them on into a full rant about HP3 and OotP. I think I summed that up.

Tell us something interesting: I have a phobia of ppl walking into my room with their shoes on and of germs. I love wolerine from X-men and I'm a labeless nerd.(and darn proud of it ps oxymoron I know) I also hate a couple of stories that are pretty funny on insertgoodnamehere is my name. When Fans Attack is a story about my friend and I in the fifth book. I also love the Daughters of the Moon and a book A Great and Terrible Beauty. I love Lord the Rings MOVIES the books are horrid *shivers* After reading those books I refused to read anything for a whole month which if you know me is pretty shocking. Go ARAGORN! Oh yeah I have an obsession with Orlando Bloom.
What do you want to do with your life? I want to be a lawyer. Lmao I know pretty funny. If I decide not become a lawyer I would like to be an actress. My passion is to be an actress but it's too unstable to make a career out of it so I decided to be a lawyer which is a nice stable profession.
Anything else you want to tell us? I really love reading it hurts me to know some people hate reading and they think its stupid. I could get lost in some books and not even know five hours has passed. It makes me angry when ingorant people say HP is the devil I really just want to hit them.

::Your Space::
This is where you post anything at all...go nuts! I think I pretty much did that. I should add that I'm very conservative on some subjects abd liberal on others. I hate wheb people use labels to define them such as nerd, goth, prep, jock etc. People change from hour to hour from minute to minute why would you want to restrict yourself by saying you're one thing? How can you say I hate this group of people because of what they wear? I hate the whole stereotyping idea. Stereotyping IS WRONG! NEVER say you hate someone because they look differently than you do. Don't say you're a... and proceed to change yourself to fit that image be yourself and Love it. Okay I need to stop with the preaching thing sometimes I get overboard. Oh I love chocolate! Compltetly random I know that's the joy of being me.

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