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Look Up To The Stars...

They will guide you the right way.

Look Up To The Stars
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Welcome to ___guiding_star!

This is a mentor-based community, separating into families, but taking into account that both genders may be interested in a mentor-type relationship. Therefore, both genders are allowed to apply, and are free to accept who they wish into their families. This theme has been influenced by the anime Maria-sama ga Miteru, and the soeur-system used in their school.

This community is not a game. End of story. This community deals with real people, real relationships, and as such, we would ask you to respect this.

You must 19 years or older to start a Constellation Family. If you've been taken under wing as a Shadow or Light Star of a family, please wait one month before taking another member into the family.

The layout of a typical family on ___guiding_star is quite simple:

~ Bright Star: You are responsible for the entirety of your family.
~ Shadow Star: You will support your Bright Star, as well being able to be responsible for a Young Star of your own.
~ Light Star: You will support both of your Elder Stars, as well being eligible for being responsible for a Young Star of your own some day.
~ Nova Star: You will support all three of your Elder Stars. You cannot take on a Young Star of your own.


~ See this post for information on applications. The ceremony is found here.

~ Information on disbandment of a family can be found here. Please keep it clean, ladies and gents.


Star Families

Star Draco: Bright Star: tealightglow / Shadow Star: tacchon / Light Star: jingyi_chan
Star Lyra: Bright Star: ochibi_richuu / Shadow Star: faded_mist
Star Scorpii: Bright Star: jyuufish / Shadow Star: polyurethane / Light Star: captain_moto / Nova Star abc_me
Star Cassiopeia: Bright Star: mienai_hoshi / Shadow Star: gekkonorondo / Light Star: reizan / Nova Star: michiyo_mori
Star Corvus: Bright Star: ladybrighid3333 / Shadow Star: phoenixpaladin /Light Star: flowed / Nova Star: asdaaas
Star Perseus: Bright Star: sakura_nek0 / Shadow Star: himemiya_anthy
Star Pyxis: Bright Star: makoelf / Shadow Star: pumpkin_queen16 / Light Star: jigglypuff
Star Cepheus: Bright Star: severina / Shadow Star: karyotype
Star Lupus: Bright Star: smam / Shadow Star: lauchis
Star Ophiuchus: Bright Star: volk_krosh / Shadow Star: seraphicideals
Star Dorado: Bright Star: eternalelegy / Shadow Star: itsplashes
Star Lacerta: Bright Star: hasu / Shadow Star: azami_chan
Star Virgo: Bright Star: incisively / Shadow Star: herrjustice


Elder Stars Applications:

siete_reinos ~ Star Auriga
seiichiyamagai ~ Star Caelum
qqqueenbee ~ Star Monoceres
alequinn_sedai ~ Star Crux

Shadow/Light Star Applications:


Orphan Star Applications:

plainrea ~
kerunia ~
miraizu ~
wasteful_tears ~
nekowriter ~


Active moderators: gekkonorondo & hasu. Please direct any questions our way, we will do our best to answer you promptly.

If you have ideas for activities or have a contribution in any way, just comment with it here before you post it to the whole community, please. We'll get back to you as soon as humanly possible.