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Activity! ~~

When I grow up, I want to be...a Language Teacher. My ideal profession has gradually matured over the years, but the one thing which has always remained is my love for learning about new cultures and languages. I live in a very culturally diverse city, and I see so many people struggling with English that I want to become an English teacher and help immigrants, or even visitors, be able to function here a little better.

I am currently a freshman in college, though I had to take a year off to save up for college (I'm trying not to go the route of loans if possible).

My current favourite subject is: Language Courses *I've taken Latin, Spanish, French, Chinese, and Italian so far*

My worse subject is: Math *I'm not bad at it, I'm just not good at showing my work since I skip so many steps in my head, and don't ask me to explain how I figured something out, because I get horribly confused relaying it back*

If I could ask anyone on this community for help with a class/assignment/paper right now it would be for::::....English? I hate everything I write, but I write a lot, and I suppose it might be best if I let someone else look at my stuff now and then, ne?
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