Jin Shei Girl (jinshei) wrote in ___guiding_star,
Jin Shei Girl

Icontest REminder.



Hi everyone!!!

I know a few of you are working on your icons at the moment to submit for the competition.

For those of you who missed it.....we are having an icontest!!

At the moment, we are graced by the lovely reizan 's icon for the default, who won the last icontest we had.

The idea is to make an icon that you think encompasses this community.  We'll put them all up to vote on the best, and the best will win the new place as default icon in the community.


(All submissions just post in the community.  Competition closes end of this month)

Star Draco.

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    Forgive me for such crappy icons but I really have no idea..... :(

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    Yeah, I actually have two icons to submit. ^^; First one: Second one:

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