Moto (ailes_de_destin) wrote in ___guiding_star,


Hallo everyone! Moto here or the awesome Star Scorpii Light -shot-XD Heehee, anywho, I'm here to make a suggestion (hopefully I don't get stoned for this one. e__e;;). If you're looking for more members, why not look for affiliates? I'd be more than happy to assist you look for some. Just tell me what you would prefer, rating or miscellaneous, or both. =D! What I was thinking is that we contact the head mods and get permission to post a descriptive overview of Guiding Star and that is bound to attract more members. =3!

Dunno, I thought this might help. Drop me a line here or at my e-mail which is, if you like this idea! =D If Cari-sama-mama and Saku-chan allow this, I could use the help of some of the members on the Guiding Star to help me make these descriptive posts! =D Have a good day everyone! ~Moto
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