Jasmine The Great (kidding, kidding) (sakuraflower) wrote in ___guiding_star,
Jasmine The Great (kidding, kidding)

Community Announcement

I wanted to throw out a big HELLO to the people who have recently joined ___guiding_star

Welcome and I hope you like it here.

Also a Reminder that the icontest closes Friday.  (Which is today here in australia, tomorrow for the rest of you in usa)

So over the weekend I will be putting them all in the one post and everyone can vote.

More entries would be nice so GET ICON MAKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keep checking the userinfo for updated lists of families and new orphan stars.  And remember that after one month of becoming a Shadow Star, you can go ahead and hunt a youngerstar for yourself.

Love to you all

Star Draco
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