February 14th, 2008

Chopper [Fucking Precious]

[Activity] [Interviews - Part III]

This won't really be a lengthly post. At all. I'm pretty sure that the participants get the jist of what's going on here, considering this is the third post for this activity. Yes sir.

Anyway, to the point. If you participated in this activity, please reply to this post with your partners answers! My own partner and I will comment first as an example, but I firmly believe that we're all intelligent people here and understand what that last sentence means.

Also! I'm thinking of making this a weekly activity, until we get the community up and running again. So, if you participated before, and would like to do so again, please state so in your comment. Didn't participate before, and you're interested? Just leave a comment telling me that you're interested!

It's as simple as that! ♥

Hope you all had fun!

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