February 8th, 2008

Chopper [Fucking Precious]

[Activity] [Interviews - Part II]

All right! We had a small turn-out for this activity, but I'm just going to hope that a lot of out there just didn't exactly see the last post. In which case, you can just wait around until the next activity to participate in and have a grand ol' time here in ___guiding_star~! If you've any trouble in remembering exactly what this activity is all about (it was pretty straight forward, but I know that other things in life are important too), please refer to this post for further details.

Now, without further adieu, onto the activity! ♥

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With that, please get in contact with your assigned partner and have at 'er!

Oh, I almost forgot about this. Next Friday, I'll make a post, and you can post the answers to your interviews on there! :D

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