January 8th, 2008

Chopper [Fucking Precious]

[Clean Up = Complete] [Reserved Star Names]

My initial clean-up of the user-info is complete. ♥

~ Something that I would like to ask of all those who have started their own families, but who are Starless, as well as all of those Orphan Stars, is that you re-do your applications if you feel that they are out of date. It may benefit you to reassure the members that you are still interested, and everyone knows that a lot can change you in the course of a year.

~ Along with that, I would also like to open the post to suggestions about a possible activity that members of the community could participate in. It takes much more than the effort of one individual to keep a community alive, so I'd like you all to help me out with this. ♥ I've taken an initiative, but I can't keep it all up alone.

Thank you in advance for your help. ♥

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