December 18th, 2006


twinkle twinkle hopeful stars

hi guys...we have a lot of people looking for families..i hope to see families formed this season...that would most probably be the best gift you could give to each other this holiday season...

well i'm off to sleep so...goodluck, ne? ^^

Bright Star Applications

rphjas (48m) ~ Star Orion ~
malicemadden (21f) ~ Star Phoenix ~
lunarwolf2002 (28f) ~ Star Aries ~
_limeade (19f) ~ Star Chamealeon ~
lucyestelagomez (22f) ~ Star Camelopardalis ~
rising_dreamer (20f) ~ Star Apus ~
saffrom_zephyr (22f) ~ Star Lynx ~
katt_moon (20f) ~ Star Eridanus ~
korichan (20f) ~ Star Vulpecula ~
tried (18f) ~ Star Ursa Major ~
athanaranaser (18f) ~ Star Corona Borealis ~

Shadow Star Applications

faded_mist (15f) ~ Star Lyra Shadow ~
monkeyzrawesome (15f) ~ Star Sagiatarius Shadow ~

Light Star Applications

reizan (15f) ~ Star Cassiopeia Light ~

Orphan star Applications

hymmi_chan (14f) ~
kawaii_bandgrl (16f) ~
ethe_ohitoyoshi (19f) ~
tamensei (15f) ~
gilraen79 (27f) ~
curseangel (19f) ~
rohanelf (14f) ~
sarah_michell (15f) ~
wasteful_tears (14f) ~
oh_synapse (16f) ~
athanaranaser (18f) ~

~ Star Lyra

P.S. any violent reactions about your age..please comment and tell me what age you are now..i just base the age off of the application entry and the list in the userinfo of the community..^^
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