October 31st, 2006



Hey there minna-san! *bows* sorry if it took a while before I posted the list of flipflop applicants..here’s an updated list...

we now have four flipflop families formed...now, to the new members..join the fun and meet new people...^^

Moon/Planet Applications

lauchis (17f) ~ Moon Miranda ~
reizan (15f) ~ Planet Victoria ~
crazy_bookworm (16m) ~ Planet Neptune ~

Orphan moon/planet applicants

ladybrighid3333 (18f) ~
ethe_ohitoyoshi (19f) ~

Flipflop families formed

Moon Calypso: ailes_de_destin/ Moon Shadow: _disi_/ Moon Light: gilraen79
Moon Titan: jihi_chan/ Moon Shadow: gekkonorondo
Moon Callirhoe: tamensei/Moon Shadow: jinshei
Planet Saturn: kerunia/Moon Shadow: cruel_claire
Moon Naiad: itsplashes/Moon Shadow: curseangel


If you need any information about what the flipflop activity is, you could go here or here.

For the list of applicants for real star families go here

Hope this helps and..enjoy the activites! ^^

That’s all..^^

~ Star Lyra
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[young star application]

Hiya. ^_^;;; I hope I'm doing this right~! If I'm not, pleaase tell me *nod* This seems a really cool idea! & I'd love to join a family. :D

I, (jigglypuff), wish to be accepted as a Young Star to any Bright Star or Shadow Star within this community. I promise to respect my Elder Star, uphold the family integrity, and help and guide my family wherever necessary.

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lol. :x I must admit... I'm a little emo sometimes.. ^.^;;; but... sometimes I write really hyper entries... full of hearts and caps lock abuse and large text. :D

^^; Um... that's all~! *skips off* :D