October 19th, 2006



I, tamensei, wish to announce that jinshei will now be the Moon Shadow of the Moon Callirhoe family.

As a symbol of our acceptance, I give my moon:

(sorry! don't have time to upload onto my own server -_- )
(ne ne, Luna-chama seems to be the new trend! :o)

Welcome to the Moon Callirhoe family!


*scar-red now* What am I goign to do?? WHAT-
Demo, this is still Jin-chama, so it doesn't matter if she's a bit scarier than the other Osei-samas. *nods to secure herself*

(what a great catch! eto, I better be quiet and more *ahem*mature now.)


JIN! <3333333333 Welcome to the family!!! Daisuki no Jin-chamaaa... may we forever converse in low tones on Pinku Paradise and other very serious and worthy religious topics as such. :)

Which reminds me, what do we call ourselves/our chibis? The Moons can't be Oseis... so... Otsu? :. *shrugs*

Chopper [Fucking Precious]

[Birthday Post]

Uuuuah~ :D

Since it's now the nineteenth of October over here, I would like to take the time to wish happy birthday to a special someone and also give others the chance to wish her a happy birthday as well~

I planned on calling her this morning to do this a bit more personally, but then I didn't have her phone number it's in my inbox but I have no computer and there wasn't enough time left on my phone card to call the Philippines anyway. D:

So here I am wishing my dear Janelle-chan [reizan] a happy fifteenth birthday! I'm hoping that the package that I sent gets there soon even if it's not your birthday present and that we'll be able to talk soon, m'dear!

Have a very happy birthday, mm~? Even though it might not even be your birthday by the time you get to read this. o_____o;; Just know that I got to it on the nineteenth here in Canada and I actually remembered that it was today!

Much love,

Your Osei-sama,

Star Cassiopeia Shadow
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Wow! this is hard! I credit all the Elder stars on finding people for my family.... *sigh*
WEll I need to find a family soon.... *hugs*
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SO how are we all going with the flipflop activity???

Any questions?

Any problems?

DO YOUR BEST!!!!  There is someone out there for everyone!!!!

And girls who have started a planet/moon family - don't forget that it's YOU who asks the older person to be your moon/planet shadow, ne?
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So just some info for the flipflop activity.

The question has been brought up HOW should family members address each other.
This is difficult becuase it's a flipflop the head of family is the youngest, so we can't very well call them Oneesama can we!!!!

There are TWO options.
It is up to the HEAD OF THE FAMILY as to which they would like to choose.

Regardless of 'family' status, you address anyone older than you as (their name) sama.
ie: Cari Sama
Anyone younger than you, who is closer to you, call (their name) Chan.
ie: Amber Chan

We have used Spanish to create these family names that you may or may not wish to take.

Head of Family for Planet = Planeta
ie: Planeta Jupiter

Head of Family for Moon= Luna
ie: Luna Iloe

Shadow - Sombra
ie: Sombra Jupiter

Light - Luz
ie: Luz Jupiter

Nova = Nova (lol)
ie: Nova Jupiter

Eto,  wakarinikui!!!!!!!!  O_O;;;

Whatever you think up yourselves.  It really doesn't matter.  What 'does' matter is the new friendships that you all make through this.

Heads of family, it's up to you what you want your family to call each other.

Again, good luck with finding your family if you haven' already done so!!
-squishes tamensei
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