October 15th, 2006

Moonburst! (dude, did a sun blow up? >_>?)

I, ailes_de_destin, wish to announce that _disi_ will now be the Moon Shadow of the Moon Calypso family.

As a symbol of our acceptance, I give my moon:

Luna = Moon in Spanish! XD! I'm teh lame awesomeness! XD

Welcome to the Moon Calypso family!


Pwn for Moto! I got Cari-sama! <3! -huggles- She's an awesome mom and awesome person! I say I got a pretty good deal here! ~.^

Cari = Moto's mom = inside thing. 8D;;
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Flip-floping across the moon... summer seas on a lunar shore!

I ,tamensei, wish to start my own moon family under the name of Moon Callirhoe. I will be held responsible for my family.
I promise to uphold our integrity, act as a role model for my young moon, and help and guide him/her wherever necessary.

I will consider any member of this community who wishes to become my Young Moon – however the choice to accept or not accept any applicant as my Young Star is mine, and mine alone.

*draws out her t/rusty brush* And I shall dub thee LUNA CALLIRHOE!! *scribblescRIbblescribble* *satisfied* Kalikalihoho. :3

My name is: Kuu. or Clare. >o>
Interests that I wish to share with my family are: I wish for my family to be RANDOM. And be made seemingly completely of NONSENSICAL NUMMINESH. <3

But true to their hearts, within it all. Shine through!

They must be at least tolerant of yaoi, yuri, shotakon, lolicon, gothic lolita, fantasy fiction, animals... but if not, s'okay.
Mostly, anyway.

That is all.

My age is: 15.

As a sidenote, here's a handy list of all the moons: http://www.windows.ucar.edu/tour/link=/our_solar_system/moons_table.html
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