September 23rd, 2006

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[Young Star Application]

I gilraen79 wish to be accepted as a (Young Star) to any Bright Star or Shadow Star within this community. I promise to respect my Elder Star, uphold the family integrity, and help and guide my family where ever necessary.

My name is: Joyce but I usually go by Gilraen. Either is fine, though if I had to choose, I'd prefer Gilraen.

Interests I would like to share with my family are: The easy answer would be, look at my user info, but I'll go for a slightly longer answer. Currently my main interest is Japan. I'm learning the language, I'm utterly addicted to j-dorama, I watch some anime and read some manga, though not a lot. I'm interested in the culture as well. Apart from that I read a lot and I love to talk about books, I write and I will be participating in NaNoWriMo again this year, I'm interested in religion and mythology, history and many other things.

My age is: 26. While I know I'm a bit older than most of the Young Stars around here, I have decided that being a Young Star would suit me a lot better than starting my own family. What I look for is to be guided more than to guide.

The right to accept an invitation to join any family is mine to refuse or accept.
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