September 12th, 2006

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I know this is meant for the younger members, but hey ... I was awake ;)

When I grow up, I want to be... a midwife - I'm halfway there.

I am currently in year 3 of 4 at university doing my second degree.

My current favourite subject is neonatal intensive care.

My worse subject is probably gerontic nursing because we've covered most of the material in other subjects and I get bored ... and when I get bored I stop paying attention ::blush::

If I could ask anyone on this community for help with a class/assignment/paper right now it would be for: thankfully nothing! I'm on hiatus at the moment so I'm free off assignments.

(no subject)

When I grow up, I want to be: the owner of a video store that actually has /good/ movies, for /real/ movie buffs, not mindless Hollywood tripe for the masses. Though... I'm going to be a French Immersion History teacher before that xD

I am currently in: grade 12, just started yesterday, last year!

My current favourite subject is: er... in the total.. one day.. I've been there? Poli. Sci.

My worst subject is: MATH HOMG.

If I could ask anyone on this community for help with a class/assignment/paper right now it would be for: mathmathmathmath I HATE MATH.

: )
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Orphan Stars

Morning all!!!

I've just realised that we have about NINE Orphan Stars!!!!  This is really exciting soI'm looking forward to seeing some starbursts in the near future.

Don't be afaid to contact people or leave comments on their journals - this place is for making friends and family so don't be scared!!!!

Love to all,
Star Draco

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At the present moment the community default icon is one made by reizan by popular vote a few months back.

I'd like to open the opportunity once again for everyone to submit to the community an icon that would be appropriate for ___guiding_star

So let's get the creative juices flowing!!!!!!!!

Submissions to posted to the community (not in response to this post and not under a cut)

CLosing date is the end of the month :)  So plenty of time.


Star Draco

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(no subject)

I, _disi_, wish to announce that hasu will now be the Shadow Star of the Star Vela family.

As a symbol of our acceptance, I give my star:



We just hit it off. Here's to a great future of stupidness and humerous things that only we will get. XDDDD;

*hugs u*

Hidey Ho ...

Just want to say welcome to all the new people who have recently joined and are either looking for families and looking to star their own family. And also congratulations to the folks who've recent had Star Bursts.

This is a really fantastic community and jinshei and _disi_ have done a lot and are great mods.

I know I'm like an old lady and all that, but here are the answers to that Meme. It's like a blast from the past.

When I grow up, I want to be... I work for a Children's Television Production Company and that is a pretty fun job, and the only way I think I'd move from this job is if I were offered the chance to sing or play in a band full time.

I am currently in year __________ at school/college. I graduated in 1995. But I would love to study something again even if it was just a short course.

My current favourite subject is: I was really active in our music department and pep band. I also really liked Science.

My worse subject is: Math and I still can't do it.

If I could ask anyone on this community for help with a class/assignment/paper right now it would be for: I'm not really sure, most likely whatever I was struggling with at the moment or needed other people's opinions.
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H'OMG!!!!!!!! i'm so sorry that i suddenly just ditched the community but my internet ran away to JAPAN for two weeks or so! it was a mess!!!! but everything is finally back to normal!!! unfortunately i have class coming up so i'll be slow about the 'net and whatnot, but i just wanted to let you all know that i didn't just leave and that i've missed the community!!! *huuuuuuuuugs* yay for the 'net and for ___guiding_star!!!
♥ star pyxis
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Activity Time! X3!

When I grow up, I want to be...Dude, I want to be so many things! I'll list my favorites!
1. Dictator of Mexico// I'LL RULE WITH AN IRON FIST AND HAVE ALL THE PRETTY BOYS ALL TO MYSELF! 8DDD Mind you, there are some very pretty boys in Mexico from my last trip. Then there were those freaky-dinky ones who were ZOMFR old and were hitting on me. Nyah...D:
2. Psychologist with a PhD degree//Bish, I rule, you suck, talk all you want, you're paying it all anyways. XD;;
3. Novelist//EROTICA! XDDD! Yes, perverted minds run a long ways...<333!
4. Leader of a harem of sexy men XDD//Come on, don't tell me that isn't a fantasy of at least one person here?
5. Linguist/interpreter// Go to Spain and get me a hot Spanish bastard! w00t! (Nothing against Spanish people, I'm part Spanish myself so...yeah...)
6. Pastry chef!//I'd have my little oompa loompas test my foods for me and then they'd get fat and squishable! XD!

I am currently in year: My third of High School, otherwise known as Junior year. 8D


My worse subject is: May ze Mathematik brennen in hell! >DDD! We just started the school year and have had only one exam that already brought my grade down to a C! A C DEMMIT! DX

If I could ask anyone on this community for help with a class/assignment/paper right now it would be for: My careers project for health acadamy! I need one more interview and with someone working in a full-time career! XD I'm such a procrastinator, it's due tomorrow! -whistles innocently-
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I, ailes_de_destin, wish to announce that apassionathy will now be the Nova Star of the Star Star Scorpii Light family.

As a symbol of our acceptance, I give my star:

Welcome to the Star Scorpii family!

OMFR! I'M SO HAPPY! SO FREAKING EXCITED AND HYPER! DAMN IT! HYPER! XDDD! This is the lovely unification of two awesome perverts perfectly sane people! =D!!! YAY! -BOOB!squish-
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I ,tamensei, wish to be accepted as a (Young Star) to any Bright Star or Shadow Star within this community. I promise to respect my Elder Star, uphold the family integrity, and help and guide my family where ever necessary.

My name is: Kuu. Call me... anything. ^_^
Interests I would like to share with my family are: YAOI. Pervy thoughts. crossdressing.

Oh! I mean, no- o_o eto... XP
erg. Anyway, they must, MUST like those. And taking photographs, and cats. Also, S'mores, not be allergic to crack, and willing to deal with my emotional turmoils... that is all.

And draw.
And .... ... I don't know. ~~;; I'm indecisive.
Yes! Anime. That too. And- *cuts abruptly*
My age is: 15

The right to accept an invitation to join any family is mine to refuse or accept.

There is a spelling error with the 'wish' part in the userinfo... also, could you please add commas? :3 gomen.... grammar general. ^^;;