August 22nd, 2006

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Star Delphinus Shadow Loves!

1.Star Pyxis 59%
2.Star Camelopardalis 46%
3.Star Phoenix 13%
4.Star lyra Shadow 11%
5.Star Cassiopeia Light 72%
6.Star Chamealeon 15%
7.Star Sagiatarius Shadow 93%
8.Star Aries 73%

...And TEH Winner is...*drum roll*

Results from Cari-sama-mama's activity!

Cause things like these make Moyo giddy! XD

Star Aquila Shadow=8% (But I'd still like to be your friend! =D)

Star Orion=73% (May I call you Otou-sama? =D?)

Star Chamealeon=67%(You're in a tie for second place! =D! I'd like to be your friend too! <3!)

Star Phoenix=55% (Moyo still would be friendly with you! =D Not like that! A friendly sort of way! -shot-)

Star Delphinus=45% (Nay! I say higher for frienship! =3!)

Star Draco Light=63%(Hyuu~! In for third place but again, Moyo would like to be your friend! <3!)

Star Cassiopeia Light=67% (Eine personage from my Len-len's other family! Hallo relative! -waves- =D! And Moyo wants to be friends too! =D)


And cause the waiting stars wanna play too, I'll play with them! =D! ...(man, damn my mind and taking things out of context! DX)

hymmi_chan=44% (Nyuu~ we could still work something out! Call me! -shot- XD;; Yeah, Moyo likes being weird and making new friends! <3!)

himemiya_anthy=34% (Woah, your name is cool! Just like me! -shot again- I'm gonna die soon. x.x)

kawaii_bandgrl=33% (But it doesn't matter because Audrey-chan ish teh awesome! <3!)

Sorry if I sound like a freaky dinky freak, wow, I just made myself sound stupider than usual! ANYWAY! This was fun! -pops- BOOM BUBBLE! ~Moyo
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