August 21st, 2006

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getting gutsy

dear mods,
i was wondering if i could become the community's secretary. i'd like to organize some posts into memories and create tags for certain other entries. thanks!
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Nami -- heart


Just did Star Vela's activity...

Star Phoenix - 19%
Star Aquarius - 46%
Star Pyxis Shadow - 67%
Star Camelopardalis - 64%
Star Delphinus - 89%
Star Lyra Shadow - 77%
Star Aries - 78%
Star Persius - 81%

Wow, and the winner is...Star Delphinus! =D
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(no subject)


I went to the prettiness beach thingy this weekend (which reminds me Jas, WAS AWESOME AND WE ARE SO GOING THERE VERY SOON KTHX) ~~ and I get back hooooome and look what I find.

I get onto this online journal thingy... y'know. People call it LJ. And like.. yah.. I come to here and I totally find new people and names that I don't know, and DUDE *SPAZZ!EXCITEMENT* I think this has given me the boost I need.

SO THANK YOU JASMINE AND WELL DONE FOR NOT GETTING A SPAM WARNING LMAO. And congratulation to all the new people. Please, please, add me to your lists. Because I'm very humpworthy I rock and am awesome and can make you awesome too. O_________O;

I like fwendz. XD

And um. Yah. YAY! Congrats to the two quickly made families. Good luck ne?

*scurries off to MAKE A i totally just had a brain fart and I cant remember the word im looking for. prolly coz its been so long since i made one uhh.... ACTIVITY!!! THATS IT!!! yaygomestfu.
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(no subject)

OK Dude and Dudettes. (ajkghkajhfba lmfao lmfao lmfao i cack myself up. stfu bitches)

I thought of a pretty cute kind of activity. It may actually bring us oldies back down to our school days ~ and I'm pretty sure there are a lot of you youngens who probably still do this, or used to not that long ago.

I'm so cool. Oh yeah.

I'm a little happy right now, so ignore me and my spazzingness.

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I hope you all have fun!!!! Post your results into a new post. I'm going to scurry off and do mine now. XD

BAIBAI! <3333
Star Vela (the other quite mod that doesnt stick her head out often enough. D:)
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Matchmaker matchmaker make me a match!


1. Star Chamealeon: 48%
2. Star Draco Shadow: 44%
3. Star Pyxis Shadow: 91%
4. Star Aries: 73%
5. Star Lyra Shadow: 11%
6. Star "Hymmi Chan": 58%
7. Star Sagiatarius Shadow: 93%
8. Star Virgo: 45%

WINNAR = 7. Star Sagiatarius Shadow: 93%

*adds and gets to know* XD



Public Announcement:


Please welcome Star Pyxis as the secretary of ___guiding_star

She will be responsible for collating the entries into memories and tagging them.

Thankyou Star Pyxis for volunteering your services!!!

Much love, Star Draco & Star Vela.

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(no subject)

LOL okay so I did Star Vela's activity - here goes

My match with:::

Star Cassiopeai Light - 89%

Star Chamealeon 1% (lol)

Star Phoenix 77%

Star Delphinus 57%

Star Pyxis 13%

And the winner is STAR CAMELOPARDALIS with 98% (we should get marrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrried) hahaha

alexis bledel, smile
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(no subject)

the activity thing.

1. Star Vela Shadow 69%
2. Star Aquila 68%
3. Star Scorpii Light 11%
4. Star Delphinus 83%
5. Star Aries 73%
6. Star Virgo 47%
7. Star Pyxis 59% the highest match is Star Delphinus with 83%!

Star draco light, we got the same o_o;

EDIT: I swear it was 8 before D; Oops.
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activity by teh awesome cari-pie..X3

this is what i got..^^

1. Star Camelopardis = 75%
2. Star Delphinus = 36%
3. Star Corvus = 65%
4. Star Phoenix = 68%
5. Star Cassiopeia Shadow = 90%
6. Star Aquarius = 13%
7. Star Pyxis = 13%
8. Star Scorpii Shadow = 76%

highest is Star Cassiopeia Shadow = 90% XD

~ Star Lyra
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Dancing Nine

Two activities!


That's what I'm going to do.

Oh yeah, here is my favorite icon. Because I love Doctor Who.

And here is a recipe that everybody should make because it's so easy and yummy!

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Now I will do the other activity. And put that in another post!

Star Vela's Thing ...

1.) Star Lyra - 36%

2.) Star Scorpii Light - 68%

3.) Star Delphinus Shadow - 83%

4.) Star Vela Shadow - 26%

5.) Star Pyxis Shadow - 58%

6.) Star Cassiopeia Light - 73%

7.) Star Aries - 31%

8.) Star Draco - 57%

And the winner is ... My Shadow!

Did I not pick the right one? Yeah baby!