August 20th, 2006

The hunt is on.

So this is great, just updated the userinfo , (again LOL so much activity here at the moment it’s great!)


At the moment we have a total of <b>17</b> families!!! Isn’t that awesome!!!


Out of those families, 7 are looking for a orphan star to become their first member of the family….the Shadow star.


There are 3 Shadow stars, looking for an orphan to complete their families.


There are only 3 orphan stars.


That means, my dear orphan stars, that YOU are very popular right now and have a total of TEN people trying to hunt you down!!! LOL.


Hopefully more younger people will join so we have more orphans  (poor little lambs –pet pet pet-)



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c is for cookie, that's good enough for me!

although cookie monster makes a very good point with those powerful lyrics (*cough*), i hate to tell him that, in reality, cookies are not simply good enough for me. SO! COMMUNITY ACTIVITY TIME TO MY RESCUE!!!

help a girl studying abroad who has to cook for herself every day out and write up your favorite main course and dessert recipe on a post. make sure to be nice to everyone and make an lj-cut (recipes can get looooooong...) with the name of the dish (if it doesn't have one, be creative and make one up. ha!) as the lj-cut text. i'll go first!

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by the way, my lovely mod, i think we should make memories out of these. what do you think? =)
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Meagan's Recipes: Hamburger Skillet, Pink Frosting Cupcakes~

Or rather, my mother has. All of them are her's. Butttt, I love cooking, and I use these quite often, so yeah.

I was thinking, that with all these recipies, we could make a Guiding Star cookbook. Wouldn't that be cute? I think it would be. < 3

Anyway, to my recipies~

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Yum. Hehe, well, onto the dessert~

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There. I hope you guys enjoy it. < 3
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-waves-  HI everyone!

So much activity in ___guiding_star this weekend, so I want to throw out a congrats to all the new people that joined and also to the people who have had starbursts this weekend.  (we almost need a newspaper or something to keep up!!!) LOL

So welcome, and I hope you all enjoy it here.  Feel free to post any activites as a family, or joint families for everyone to participate in.  (Please, however keep in mind that there are young girls here so all language and activities should represent this)

Speaking of which - since so many new people have arrived, we should run an activity.  Anyone got any ideas???

Love to all,
Star Draco

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Meagan's Loves~

Well, I did it! Even with my mediocre math skills~
I really had no idea how many people in the community that I didn't know. Wow. Anyway, here are the results. < 33

Star Scorpii Light - 86%

Star Camelopardalis - 64%

Star Vela Shadow - 19%

Star Delphinus - 45%

Star Lyra Shadow - 85%

Star Corvis - 64%

Star Sagiatarius Shadow - 66%

Star Chamealeon - 66%

And the winner is...Star Scorpii Light~ Yay~
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