August 16th, 2006

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This is my favorite icon.

I'll explain it to you the same way I did to Meg:


And I guess cause I like the word 'fashionista'. It's fucking sexy, bitches.

..And that is all.
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This is my current favorite icon~

I think it's the best one I've made. e_e I feel vaguely proud, and plus it's just HAPPY, and I feel like that nearly all the time SO IT WORKS~

And it's special. <3
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Hogwarts grad!

Favorite icon~!

This is my current favorite icon. I like it because, well, I'll be starting grade 12 soon so I will be graduating, annnnnd I'm about 160% obsessed with Harry Potter. So it is awesome!

<3 Brittani.
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There is no real point to this activity - I'm just doing it out of curiosity!!

But post in the community  (not in response to this post) with a post using your favourite icon and explain WHY it's your favourite.

Star Draco.

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/that/ is my favourite icon right now. Simply becuase I can TOTALLY see Miu doing that voodoo thing with her fingers - and when I post it...I just chuckle :)

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PWN FOR THE ALMIGHTY LEADERS! XDDD! I love my Tamaki-kun icon because it's Tamaki and of course, I HEAD MY OWN CHIBI BRIGADE! A squadron of 13 to be exact with a few incognito ones out there. XD! I love my cousins and nieces and nephews. =3 Yeah, I just like imposing my power over the little people. 8D Yay Tamaki and W00T! FOR FUTURE DICTATORSHIP OF MEXICO! BOW TO ME BISHES, I AM YOUR MASTER! >DDDD! ~Moto ~ Star Scorpii Light I lurve my alcoholic drink refrences. 8D
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